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Alabama Hills Recreation Area California

Alabama Hills Recreation Area in California, 2-6 days, September - May

This area sits just under some spectacular peaks in the Sierra Nevada Range including Mount Williamson, Mount Whitney and Lone Fine Peak. Open desert camping here can be lots of fun when it is cooler weather. Remember the nights are typically 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the days high. You can dry camp, and hike for weeks if you find the terrain interesting enough. I like the fact that it is not crowded due to the rugged terrain. You can ride bikes through here as well. Vanabode parking is available all along the parks borders and in the nearby town.


Alabama Hills Arch picture california
Alabama Hills Arch pictured here makes for some great photographic opportunities. Take your time and work the sun in your favor.


Many photographers visit the park because of the great variety of shots you can get without spending a fortune getting to them.

The main established trail is only 15 minutes round trip and many folks drive in and spend an hour doing this and leave. This makes for long term camping in near private conditions. Water is scarce of course so prepare accordingly.

Come into town on US395 to visit the town of Lone Pine Alabama. Go east 1 mile on Whitney Road and stop and pick up some valuable tourist information for seeing the recreation area. This is one situation where I highly advise you to visit the Lone Pine chamber of commerce as it acts like a visitor center for the area. The maps and advice here can be very valuable when planning your time.

Vanabode Special Notes: Alabama Hills is a great one-day visit, but I wouldn't stay here for very long. The walk only takes 15 minutes, and unless you're going to be doing photography, there isn't much to do for more than a few days at Alabama Hills Recreation Area in California

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