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Alturas Recreation Area California

Alturas Recreation Area California, 4-20 days, March - November

This area is quite varied. You can hike to, and hide in, remote desert plains. You can camp over night for weeks in evergreen forests filled with big sounds and shady cover. You can explore crazy lava overflow areas where everything is sharp pointed rocks underfoot. There is all your typical inland bird populations but one can also see Pronghorn antelope, cougars and hairy dark Mule deer. You can hike, bike, camp, Vanabode, fish and hunt in certain areas during certain times of the year.

Pit River is the biggest river in California's northeastern providence. If you want cold good fishing water this is it. The camping all long here can go on for months if properly supplied. The river flows through large valleys and volcanic basalt. The drops and canyons are super interesting and full of wild life. The camping can be top notch though sometimes bugs can be a problem. Come prepared if staying out for more than a day trip and even then wear longer hiking pants rather than shorts.

  Pit River Campground is located on the river near fall river mills picture

You can camp anywhere in the Alturas Resource Area except within 100 feet of a water source. For those not wanting to Vanabode or for those without the means to hike in for extended overnight stays check out the Pit River campground. Take 299 East toward Burney from Redding, California. Stock up in town then head east until you see the sign "Pit Power House" road (about 12 miles). Follow the signs.

alturas resource area picture  

This campground has picnic tables and fire rings setup under big trees for shade. This area is unique in that you can fish not only the river but also the big lake like reservoirs formed by nature and mans doing.

You can hike, camp, bike, overnight, fish, have fires and it is super cheap. If you Vanabode it will be nearly free for as long as you like.

Vanabode Special Notes: I would recommend staying at the Pit River Campground seeing as there are no fees. And you can stay there as long as 14 days. Also there are tables and fire rings set up. If you camp any other place get a campfire permit from the BLM office. After Van camping this area check out nearby Lava Beds National Monument and Modoc National Wildlife Refuge. You're closest to the river for fishing though at the Alturas Recreation Area in California.

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