pahrump to austion nevada on highway 95 picture

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Austin Nevada Vacation Travel Pictures

Austin Nevada Pictures  |  Travel Camping Details

nevada desert sky picture

Above: The highways leading through the middle of the great Western states are not to be taken lightly. There are few towns in between long stretches of inhospitable and truly wild desert plains and mountains so make sure you carry plenty of water and plan for fuel stops. Most of the time you will be unable to take your eyes off the sceneary and here in this wild place you can Vanabode forever for free. There are no camping fees.

  austin nevada vanabode picture

desert highway camping picture shows great off road vanabode possiblities

Above: Notice the dirt road leading off the highway we are parked on. The highways out here in most of Nevada and Utah, and parts of New Mexico, Eastern Washington and Oregon offer hundreds of places to simply pull off the highway on the dirt roads and drive until you are happy. Vanabode here forever with views that are unbeatable. The air is dry and that makes sleeping even when it is in the 80's completely doable at night.

john schoot campground outside austin nevada offers a great place to camp for free in cooler high altitude

Above: The John Scott campground outside Austin has running water, bathrooms, and trash bins plus clean organized camp sites with picnic tables coupled with steel fire pits for camp fires and grilling. This "free" campground has a 14 day limit, but it is rarely enforced. This is a good base camp if you want to hit the hot springs for a few days.

restaurant in austin nevada picture

Above and below: The International store and restaurant has great food for a fair price. It is one of the few places in town so if you plan on eating out check their hours and plan out your week.

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