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Bar Harbor Maine

bar harbor maine big street at night around waterfront

Back in Bar Harbor we take free waterfront parking in the wharf lot at the public pier. We lounge in the big grassy shady hills under what I think are Alder trees. Over one hundred lobster boats, fishing skiffs, expensive yachts, skinny sailboats, four masted tall ships that look like schooners, wide-bodied catamarans, and whale watching vessels, come and go over the next three hours.

vanabode road trip to bar harbor maine for this sunset

The sunset is again, spellbinding. The sun slowly descends like a huge ruby ball over the bay, islands, and marinas. Suddenly it is all too much, and the crowds erupt in unified applause.

jason and kelly odom waterfront in bar harbor

It’s extraordinary. We could happily spend a month here in one of the east coasts most popular national parks and one of the most popular coastal cities in America on what it costs most people to vacation here for three days. Our Vanabode, accompanying travel strategies, and inexpensive specialized equipment make it possible. I’m grateful to live in America at such a wonderful time in history, where freedom still reigns.

  picture along shore path in bar harbor maine

shore path along bar harbor city coastline

Above: We walk Bar Harbor's Ocean Path, a waterfront two-mile long city sponsored trail before breakfast. Humongous cruise ships dwarf pleasure craft in the clear waters just three hundred yards in front of us. Hundreds of people tender in on smaller enclosed boats. Oversized seabirds soar overhead but rarely make a sound. Thousands of delicate aromatic rose hip style rose bushes line the path on one side and create a barrier between the wealthy landowners uphill and us. I don’t see any wildlife along the rocky shoreline.

cruise ships for tourists in bar harbor maine

Above: Cruise ships for tourists in Bar Harbor Maine.

picture of main street shops in bar harbor maine

Above: Picture taken during the twilight hours while walking down Main Street in Bar Harbor.

picture of sailboats from agamont park bar harbor maine

Above: Picture of two cannons in Agamont Park overlooking boats and islands in Bar Harbor.

picture of lobster buoys in bar harbor maine

Above: Lobster buoys decorate a restaurant in Bar Harbor.

Above: People walk from bar Harbor across this path of rocks once per day to check out the island across the bay, but hurry back because high tide makes all this disappear.

picture in agamont park waiting for the sun to go down in bar harbor maine

Above: Picture taken while waiting for sunset from Agamont Park overlooking marina and Bar Harbor.

sail and tall ships in bar harbor

picture of sunset on bar harbor in maine

Above: Fire in the sky sunset in Bar Harbor, Maine. Every evening the sunset was spectacular.

Above: The backside of Bar Harbor gives access to quiet beaches, fishing spots, and islands within swimming distance if you can take the cold water. I found this area 1,000 yards from the big downtown hotel perfect for a little writing...but then the Paparazzi showed up.

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