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Bonita Dog Beach Florida Vacation

Bonita Dog Beach Florida vacation, All Year  |  More Info

Dog beach in Bonita Springs is a good sized sweet spot for your pooch to run and play with other dogs. A totally off leash experience that just might amaze you. Here you will see an collection of wild but wonderful purebreds, half breeds, mutts and mongrels. And equally fun for the dog lover to experience this copasetic event which might seem chaotic at first. The first thing you see when you round the corner are dogs running and playing in harmony. And before you know what hit you they are running up to you for a sniff and then running away. With this comes wet noses, maybe even drool and most definitely sand splashed all around your legs, with you grinning and laughing at what just happened.


picture of terrior at dog beach near fort myers

Every time we go to dog beach all we see are dogs having fun. No aggression and no fighting. However, the only time we did see aggression was when the owner was too afraid to take the leash off their dog. The leashed dog barked, growled and snapped at the other K9s. The only way to keep this from happening is to let your dog run freely with the other dogs as soon as you walk onto the beach. You would not believe how tensions drop when all the dogs are left to run and play and go wherever they desire. The owners on the other hand might get uptight now and then. That is because they are nervous about their dog being around other dogs or vice versa. If you are used to your dog acting a particular way when you walk fluffy or fido on your neighborhood sidewalk then you will see a different creature emerge here at dog beach.

doberman playing at dog beach picture

Above: Picture of Doberman running. This fellow had so much energy and played very well by himself. He stopped a few times to drink fresh water and catch his breath. Everyone was watching him running to try and catch birds and crabs.

dog beach in bonita fl picture

Above: Picture taken during low tide. You can see all the space available for both humans and K9s.
The only other dog beach nearby is Sanibel Island's Algiers Beach where dogs have to be leashed and you pay a parking fee.

As soon as a new dog enters the beach area the other dogs come running up to sniff them. This is code. They are greeting him or her and inviting to join the chase whether a frisbee, ball or nothing at all. The ocean water is clear, calm and shallow. The best time to visit is during low tide so you, the owner, can have more sandy beach area to lounge on. Unfortunately there is no fresh water available at Bonita dog beach. You have to bring your own water and a bowl, maybe two. Other dogs will drink from your pooch's bowl too. Fresh water is a must because all dogs will swallow salt water, it can't be helped. They are running and fetching objects thrown into the ocean and on the sand and it's going into their mouths and into their stomachs. This may lead to vomiting and diarrhea if you don't have fresh water available at all times.

picture of new pass bridge in bonita beach florida

Above: Bonita beach New Pass Bridge and dog beach. Boats and jet skis also make their way to dog beach to let their dog socialize for a few hours. No fishing is allowed here.

dog beach is friendly to all breeds and sizes picture

Above: The dogs pictured here were friendly to each other and any newcomer all day long.

The park is just south of Lover's Key and is free and open from sunrise to sunset. It is primitive with no toilets or water but they do provide poop bags right near the parking lot. So make sure you grab a few before walking down to the beach area. A true adventure for the dog lover who has a dog or for someone looking at getting a dog but doesn't know what type they want at Bonita Dog Beach Florida vacation.

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