northeast oregon open range catlle and camping picture

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Burns to Pendleton Oregon Pictures

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Burns, Seneca, John Day, Pendleton Oregon Pictures
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Above: This is the kind of views and country we are talking about in upper eastern Oregon. Huge stunning long distance views with a muted tone to the entire landscape that makes the place seem like you are shooting it on old washed out film. Vanabode here and you can stay pretty much forever because the hiking and camping opportunities are virtually unlimited unless the cold bothers you. If so only come from late May to August when we did. It was very comfortable both day and night. This is the only place I have ever been where the mountain ranges seemed to be stretched side to side and flattened or distorted like a bad Photoshop job. Quite interesting.

  animal sculpture art on the street in one of oregons cool downtown districts

Notice our Vanabode parked across the street from this art gallery. This makes it so convenient to explore all the restaurants, art galleries, parks, gift shops and such that are plentiful in all the downtown areas of small town. Usually these areas are being renovated and updated to support a vibrant night life and tourist districts.

hiking the Burns area of Oregon is super easy in the warm months and highly recommended.

Hiking the Burns to Pendleton areas of Oregon just off most any highway is super easy in the warm months and highly recommended. Unlike most of the Eastern United states where heavy underbrush is always blocking your view, out here its easy to walk and see everything.

wild flowers grow everywhere here in oregon and when you Vanabode you have the time to stop and enjoy them.

Wildflowers are in abundance nearly everywhere in Oregon's wild interior. When you are a van dweller and lead the pure Vanabode lifestyle you will have the time to enjoy all the little things you once only glanced at out the window as you screamed by on your way to work. Have you ever made love in field of daisies? How about on a secluded sandy beach? When was the last time you laid on a big fluffy sleeping bag in the cool crisp air of a mountain top for 3 hours and did not have to worry about the time? I promise the smell of that alpine forest will be with you forever.

tame bobcat in oregon lodge picture

This crazy bobcat was on a leash in front of a lodge in Seneca Oregon. He was supposed to be tame but he attacked us and tried to tie up our legs, batting and swatting with his clawless paws. He stalked our toes as if the rest of our body did not exist concentrating all his attention on them until suddenly he would burst forward and grab our ankle and try to bite it. I did not touch his blanket and this was a real reminder of just how dangerous a wild cat can be.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge picture outside the park on a  vanabode trip

The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon was quite beautiful and had the greatest sounding collection of song birds all singing at once that I have ever heard. This portion was just outside the boundaries of the refuge a mile off the highway on a well built dirt road. Easy to get to and explore and highly recommended in the summer if you want to be alone in the wild beautiful open wilderness.


Red wild flowers in a small rural town in Oregon.

crazy old farm structure building probably used for storing grains in oregon

The lands through this part of Oregon are just spectacular. Long vistas, crazy flat topped mountain ranges, huge cattle farms, and wildlife everywhere. I had no idea before this trip just how nice it was. The picture above shows an interesting farming structure of some kind and there are hundreds of these throughout the country to photograph and enjoy. Take the time, none of us knows how long we have.

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