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China Ranch Tecopa California Pictures

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A true oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert in Tecopa California. Free samples of all the dates that are farmed on the property. Celebrate a special occasion at the China Ranch Bed & Breakfast for a quiet and unique experience. Hiking trails start right behind the parking lot but first load up on their delicious date bread, date muffins or date cookies. Most of all they are known for their date shakes. A can't miss side trip if you are heading towards Death Valley or Las Vegas . . . more on China Ranch Tecopa California

date palm trees at china ranch picture


China Ranch has such a rich and interesting history for such a small place in such wild surroundings. I highly suggest a visit and a hike if you are within 200 miles of here. Follow the trail right from the parking lot down along the natural arroyo all the way to the lake and mountain squeezes.

Carry lots of water and where a shade hat. If you stay with the small water flowing away from the gift shop you can't get lost. Once you reach the lake and the primary path pretty much ends turn around and retrace your steps. Takes about 4 hours round trip if you take your time and explore along the way.


China Ranch Date Farm picture

Picture of china ranch tecopa california

China Ranch picture in Tecopa California

Travel 85 miles west from Las Vegas to visit China Ranch Tecopa California.

Additional information on Death Valley in and China Ranch in California.

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