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Cliff Walk Newport Rhode Island on $20 a day

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After five, parking is free at the base of the unique, famous, and very popular trail known as the Cliff Walk. I position the van with our swing out back doors facing the surf. We hike a few miles round trip along the very edge of the beautiful rocky coastline. The narrow sometimes paved trail runs between the crashing surf below us and ten million dollar estates above us. Everything is in plain view.

  victoria avenue sign clock

Above: Even the street signs and public clocks are extraordinary here.

Cliff Walk Newport Rhode Island under construction

Over two thousand people a day walk, hike, jog, or run the Cliff Walk here in Newport. However, there are less than forty free parking spots nearby, the rest are twenty dollars or more per day this time of year. Imagine how hard it is to get one of these parking spots where they neither charge you nor limit your stay to two hours. The book covers how to do it here.

dead rhode island shark

Dead shark washed up on the rocks here on the cliff walk. Nasty teeth.

Jason and Kelly shadows on cliff walk in rhode island

Above: I think I see a shadow of our former selves down there?

We walk the remaining four mile round trip on established concrete walkways, massive piles of boulders, rocky beaches, cliffs, tunnels, grassy fields, and through light coastal bush, as the sea constantly crashes around us. We navigate through broken down boardwalks under heavy construction.

Above: They jacked this historic house up and were in the process of moving it when we walked by.

The sun burns our skin. The beach breeze cools it down. It’s fun here.

mansions in newport oveanfront

Sometimes we had to pass through dark tunnels to continue on the route along the ocean.

It's over forty steps down from the middle flight (read the steps).

cliff walk mansion gates

That's little me sitting there so you can see just how massive these mansion gates are. Don’t miss these estate views and the many spectacular vantage points along this panoramic coastline called Cliff Walk.

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