daytona beach ocean walk center picture

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Daytona Beach Florida Vacation Pictures

Daytona Beach Florida Vacation Pictures  |  Travel Information

Daytona Beach has a great big pier that stretches a quarter mile into the ocean. The boardwalk has really changed from years past. It has cleaned up alot and most of the amusements are now at Daytona Lagoon across the street from the beach. The boardwalk is now a wide sidewalk in front of Ocean Walk restaurants, shops and a movie theater and high rise hotels. A bunge type sling shot, ferris wheel and some kiddie rides are on the beach though and offer fantastic views of the ocean if you aren't afraid of heights. The beachside restaurants offer outdoor dining which makes for a memorable meal whether you're eating pizza or crab legs. Sun Splash park is another very popular place for families to hang out with their shaded playground, picnic tables, grills and water splash area and best of all it's free.

picture of amusements rides in daytona beach

Above: Picture of amusements rides on the beach in Daytona. Unfortunately the rides only run limited hours. But after a day under the sun and in the ocean this night time attraction is a great way to compliment your vacation in Daytona Beach.

  lighthouse lamps at ponce inlet picture

picture of greyhounds racing at daytona kennel club

Above: Photo taken at Daytona Beach Kennel Club watching the greyhounds race. This is a huge facility to spend a few hours even if you don't want to bet on the dogs or play poker. The dogs even race when it's raining so when you can't work on your tan you can still have fun here. The Volusia Mall and many other trendy stores are very close to the kennel club so there is plenty to do no matter what the weather is doing.

ponce lighthouse stairwell picture

Above: Picture taken of the 203 steps that lead to the top of the Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station.

picture of ponce inlet

Above: Picture taken from top of Ponce de Leon lighthouse overlooking Lighthouse Point Park, Smryna Dunes Park, a marina and the Halifax River.

picture of strong winds at ponce lighthouse

Above: Picture taken outside at top of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. The wind was blowing stronger than usual that is why we had to take pictures of our uncontrollable coiffe.

picture of high waves at ponce inlet

Above: Picture of the high surf crashing onto the fishing jetty at Ponce Inlet in Daytona Beach.

ponce inlet lifeguard station picture

Above: Picture of Ponce Inlet lifeguard station at Lighthouse Point Park at the mouth of the Halifax River.

picture of ponce inlet marina and lighthouse

Above: Picture taken at the end of Lighthouse Point Park. Here we saw a number of dolphins swimming around in these protected waters

daytona beach pier picture

Above: Picture of Daytona Beach Pier. This present structure was built in 1925. At the time this picture was taken they were working on the underside and topside of the pier so we could not walk along the pier. Until 1984 it was 1,000 feet long and the longest pier on the east coast. The Victorian style was once a casino and ballroom and more recently the start of the Allman Brothers Band. In the past the structure could seat up to 300 people in the pier restaurant and had four bars, a gift shop and other vendors outside.

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