picture of times square in fort myers beach

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Fort Myers Beach Florida Vacation Pictures

Fort Myers Beach Florida Vacation Pictures  |  Travel Information

Fort Myers Beach Times Square is named after the clock that sits at one end of a one block pedestrian street. There are quite a few restaurant and bars located in and near the square, and the typical oversized beach apparel shops. There are also plenty of condos and motels in the area so driving doesn't have to be an issue once you're in this central location. If anything is going on this is the place to be especially once the sun starts going down. However, if you are after a quieter beach experience then head to the southern end of Estero Island where you can find old fashioned beach cottages and high end condominiums.

  picture of storm in the gulf at fishing pier in fort myers beach

picture of fort myers beach in the early morning

Above: This picture was taken at about 8 a.m. on the 4th of July. As you can see there are very few people on the beach. And if you want some beach chair property for you and your family then early is the name of the game. Finding a parking spot is easier in the morning as well as the paid parking lot fills very quickly.

picture of fort myers beach on 4th of july

Above: This picture was taken at about 2 p.m. on 4th of July. This is peak time for any beach bunny to get a tan and walk along the water edge. The strip of island in the distance is Sanibel & Captiva Islands and this is where you would go if you don't want to be part of the crowded beach scene. You have to cross a toll bridge but maybe that is worth it to you for more solitude.

picture of sunrise at fort myers beach florida

Above: You can't see a sunrise over the beach in Fort Myers but you can watch it rise over the Caloosahatchee River. Kayaking or boating along the Caloosahatchee River is a must do while in the area. The river travels from Lake Okeechobee in the middle of the state and exits in Cape Coral. If you want to see a beach sunrise then go to Ormond Beach or the more popular Daytona Beach.

picture of beached boat during low tide on fort myers beach

Above: Picture of beached boat. A celebratory holiday weekend plus low tide equals beached boat. Lots of boats anchor out close to shore. The boat's passengers then swim to the beach to play around for a bit, all the while keeping an eye out on the tide. However, the owner of this boat went missing in action. Check out this picture for a bird's eye view of the Fort Myers Beach sandbar, boats, and sun bathers..

sunset on fort myers beach picture

Above: The sunsets on the west coast of Florida are spectacular. Every evening the sunsets can look different depending on clouds and moisture in the air.

If you want a different view of but not directly on the beach try staying along the Estero Bay. This is a great location to view the wildlife from birds to manatees to dolphins. The Matanzas Pass Preserve is 60 acres with a boardwalk and trail system through mangroves and oaks and other native Florida plant species that support the local wildlife. The preserve gives you the opportunity to see what the area was like before big business took over in Fort Myers Beach Florida Vacation.


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