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Las Vegas Graveyard Nevada

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There are about 150 signs on the grounds of the Neon Museum. The transformation in designs and styles as well as technology from the 1930 till presently are easily seen throughout the graveyard. The Las Vegas Graveyard aka, The Neon Boneyard, is on a 3 acre dirt lot behind a chain linked fence. Once inside you can walk around at your leisure and take as many pictures as you want. But getting inside the locked fence is another story all together.

picture taken at las vegas graveyard


On a whim one morning we decided to drive downtown to the Neon Museum hoping to walk through a museum as well as walk among the historic signs. However, there are no museum facilities but rather an office.

We walked in and told the lady behind the desk that we wanted to tour the Graveyard. She informed us that because we did not have a reservation that it was not going to happen.

We just thought it was open to any body who wanted to check it out. And it is, but you have to plan for this type of excurtion in advance. And they require a certain number of guests for lot tours. You are put on a list for a particular date and hopefully the minimum number of guests show up on that day or else you don't get your tour. Luckily for us, however, there was a family in the office who was waiting to go on their tour that day. One of their party members did not show up so they insisted that we join them to reach the minimum number of guests rule. The lady behind the desk reluctantly obliged. It sounds a little rude but whatever works I guess.

picture taken at Las Vegas Graveyard

I don't know what we were thinking. That maybe the mid-summer heat wouldn't affect us because we were born and raised in Florida with hot and humid weather and we could handle any sort of heat. You constantly hear that Las Vegas' dry heat is easier to handle. Well, that is so untrue. Heat is heat and hot is hot. It's all miserable in the end. Anyway, every inch of my shirt and shorts and arms and legs were drenched with sweat. So my advice to you is to not go during the summer unless you don't mind being terribly miserable for hours standing in flip flops on hot dry dirt without a bench or stitch of shade in sight. But the historical signs were really cool; look how happy little ducky is.




Right: This picture was taken at the Neon Museums' Las Vegas Graveyard.


The Neon Museum is a nonprofit organization and was established in 1996. They collect and exhibit classic and neon signs from casinos, hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas. The museum is constantly working to preserve the history of the city for cultural enrichment. Not only can individuals tour the neon boneyard but you can arrange commercial film and photo shoots amongst the historical signs of the Las Vegas Graveyard.

silver slipper picture at las vegas graveyard

genie lamp at las vegas graveyard picture

picture of treasure island pirate skull at las vegas graveyard

We all were escorted to the graveyard lot by a gentleman who told interesting stories the whole way. Once in it's a complete delight standing up close among old rusted nostalgic Las Vegas signs. I wish I had taken more pictures though. One of our favorite signs of the day was seeing the Treasure Island pirate skull. When it was up on the strip it truly was one of the best embellishments their neon sign had. And now it lies in the Las Vegas Graveyard Nevada.

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