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Lily Bay State Park and Moosehead Lake Maine on $20 a day

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grouse in moosehead lake in maine

Above: This grouse was charging us and trying to lead us away from the area. I suppose her young were hiding somewhere in the brush nearby. The Moosehead Lake region is huge and comprised of thousands of acres of land. Small towns are scattered throughout the area surrounded by rugged back woods, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.

  old man chomps on watermellon

Above: A ninety-year-old man sits thirty feet from me lakefront where many of us swim. He wears expensive Bose brand headphones. He listens to opera so loud I can hear it through his headphones. He tears into a quarter watermelon like it’s his last meal and teh juice runs down his weather beaten folds.

vanabode author sits in tree

Above: I am closer to the day of my death than the day of my birth, yet I continue taking risks. Dumb.

moosehead lake in maine we swim in the cold

Above: We can't wait any longer so we find a secluded area, sneak through the woods and swim alone in Moosehead lake.

woman swims alone in moosehead lakes cold waters

Above: We hike for three miles round trip along the clear lake shore and through dark wet moose bogs, cedar swamps, dry pine uplands, and pebbly beeches. Kelly and I cut through the woods for a private two-hour lake swim. The water is cold at about seventy degrees but under the sun’s attention it’s refreshing.

Everything here is wildlife related including the businesses. You can choose from moose sighting tours, lake fishing tours, guided river fishing trips, canoe and kayak rentals, boat rentals, lake side cottage retreats, house and condo based vacations, guided hunting trips, and off road all terrain vehicle tours. In the winter they offer guided ice-fishing trips, snow mobile rentals, and cross-country skiing excursions.

moosehead lake in lily bay

Ducks weave in and out of the swimmers, careful to guide their chicks away from the careless children. A loon dives for fish, and then comes up forty yards away. Giant black woodpeckers follow each other from tree to tree.

Lily Bay State Park is this giant area of lands ONLY true state park. I think this is only the third time this trip we have paid to camp overnight. The first time was in the DC suburbs. At twenty-six dollars a night here in Maine, we could not afford to travel for months or years. But one night is no big deal.

wood harvesting from trees

Look closely at just how big this is. That tiny black square on that yellow box up there on the crane is about the size of a mans head.

female grouse in lily bay state park

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