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Mattapoisett to Woods Hole Massachusetts

Mattapoisett Harbor and Ned’s Lighthouse provide a few acres of grassy lawn surrounded by rocky beach front, and many places to fish, sunbathe, picnic and sit waterfront. We climb up on the car-sized rocks in the warm sun, find comfortable seating positions, and write for two hours.

Kelly contemplates the big questions. What will we eat tonight? When will we go to bed?

  fairhaven unitarian memorial church massachusetts picture

Above: Fairhaven Unitarian church

mattapoisett town wharf picture

Above: Picture taken at the Mattapoisett Town Wharf in Massachusetts.

ned's lighthouse picture in mattapoisett massachusetts

Above: Picture of Jason writing at the very attractive Ned's Lighthouse with a view of boats anchored in the Mattapoisett Harbor.

model of alvin at woods hole oceanographic institute picture

Above: We explore the tiny two story Woods Hole Oceanographic Historic Observatory and Museum. Picture shows ALVIN model at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Exhibit Center in Cape Cod. A free tour with a movie and lots of hands on exhibits, very informative. Parking near any of the Oceanographic Institute buildings that dominate this area is atrocious. We blow four dollars for just two hours.

hand feeding a crab at teh aquarium

Above: Here we hand feed a crab at the aquarium visitors center information building.

picture of landfall restaurant in woods hole cape cod massachusetts

Above: Picture of Landfall Woods Hole, this is where happy hour was very happy, inexpensive and tasty with a fabulous waterfront view overlooking Great Harbor. Later the waterfront Landfall serves us twenty-five cent wings and twenty-five cent golf ball size fried nuggets of fresh locally caught fish. They are both fantastic but only available between four and six p.m. this time of year.

picture of nobska lighthouse woods hole maine

Above: Picture of Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole Massachusetts. Walk across the street to a sandy path that leads to the ocean. Martha's Vineyard is 13 nautical miles across from Nobska Point. Nobska, a tiny oceanside spit of land in Falmouth, hosts a small plain lighthouse and couple of memorials. We slide down the red dirt paths and cliffs and then over rocks to get to the shore. The thirty-knot wind blows our hairdos every which way.

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