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Mckee Botanical Gardens

Mckee Botanical Gardens Vero Beach Florida, All Year, 6 Hours  More Pictures

The McKee Botanical Garden is an 18-acre subtropical beautiful botanical garden located in Vero Beach, Florida. WE hit this spot on one of our Vanabode trips, keeping costs at $20 a day per person. This beautiful paradise was decorated with trails, streams, and ponds as well as many foreign flowers and trees from all over the world. Some of which include the Chinese palm, bamboo, palm trees, pineapple plants, giant elephant plants, hibiscus flowers and many more exotic flowers.

girl at waterlily pond in mckees gardens

My lovely wife scoping out one of the many water lily ponds on site.


purple water lily picture mckee gardens

Don't touch any of the plants unless you are completely familiar with the species as some of them may be poisonous. This place is so unique you have to see it for yourself. The atmosphere and ambience of this place is incredible. It really is subtropical and gives you the feeling of being deep in the jungle. I believe at some point the Garden was home to monkeys so be on the lookout for any survivors.

Within the McKee Botanical Garden there are many sights to see including a giant bamboo pavilion built by Native Americans, a gorgeous stone bridge that is great for pictures and gatherings, the path of the royal palm grove which includes some of the tallest palm trees, the hall of giants which includes the world's largest mahogany table, as well as many peaceful streams and ponds with many varieties of water lilies also great for pictures.

incredible long table made from massive downed tree

The picture below shows stunning palm groves planted by the original owners along with wild fruit growing in the forest and wetlands.

palm groves and fruit picture taken on a vanabode trip

In the picture below you can see the magnificent stone bridge crossing one of the cleaverly mastered reflection lily ponds. The heavy foliage is quite a sight.

stone bridge and reflection lily pond picture

Within the McKee Botanical Garden is a gift and bookshop, a great café, which sells gourmet salads and sandwiches. The café also includes choices for children, sweets, and always-updated daily specials. If you are interested there is a non-lending reference library within the Garden as well which seemed kind of odd for some reason, must be somebodies pet project. Restroom facilities are available in the Garden.

The McKee Botanical Garden is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from Noon until 5pm. There are admission fees. Adults are charged $12. But they only charge seniors $11. Children ages 3-12 are $5 and children under 3 years old are admitted for free. School groups are only charged $1 per child, but if you are with a tour group general admission still applies. If you become a member of the Garden you are admitted for free. There are no pets allowed except assisting animals. We really enjoyed our relaxed time at the Mckee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach.

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