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Morro Bay California

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Morro Bay Chambers of Commerce 805-772-4467   Los Osos Chambers of Commerce 805-528-4884
Cayucos Chambers of Commerce 805-995-1200    Cambria Chambers of Commerce 805-927-3624


Walked Cayuco Beach. Drove to Morro Bay Embarcadero for dinner at Giovanni's Fish House. We stood in line in the foggy cold for a fish sandwich and some fried seafood that was mediocre but maybe there was another menu item that was the bomb but we didn't see anything special. Listened to a mean harbor seal barking all the other seals off of his wooden dock. Got homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting. Stopped at the Rite-Aid inland to go potty, brush teeth, and shave.

picture shows lake that leads to nearby morro bay  california on the ocean

The extraordinary drive from Paso Robles, my favorite wine district in the world, ends with a drive passed this beautiful lake which empties into the ocean near Morro Bay.

Ate at the well known The Coffee Pot Restaurant in Morro Bay. Drove Morro Strand and took pictures off the rocks of the sea otter, starfish, crabs, and waves. Water temperature was about 57 degrees and all the surfers were wearing full suits and booties. Morro Strand had large dirt parking area with restrooms. Beautiful and somewhat mysterious I have always wanted to go back. We drove back to the Albertson's and Rite Aid where my lone flip flop lay in the parking lot under a truck. That saved me about $20. Drove up the coast to a famous pier and then to downtown Cambria and had burritos from Boni's Tacos. Went to a grocery store to buy canned foods and steak for dinner. Walked Bugsy on beach along PCH.

morro rock island in california picture

Most of Morro rock was fogged up so we only were able to see the bottom part. This is a massive ieland of rock with thousands of birds circling the top and screeching and crashing.

Once out of wine country we hit the Cayucos Beach for a great day of walking and relaxing. Don't let the fog bother you. It's not like some places we have been like Florida where you see clouds coming in rapidly and you know to pack up your stuff and leave because it's likely to rain for 5 days. No, here on the west coast of California the dark clouds and fog come rolling in two or three times a day, then clear up and it's bright sunshine for hours. The variety of climatic changes makes this place so much more fun than most. It also means you need a variety of clothes to match the rapidly changing weather.

I recommend no less than 2 days here in the Morro Bay area and longer can be more fun for sure. It's quite interesting and fun for both outdoor enthusiasts and those interested in scenic restaurants and shops and interaction with other travelers and locals. Much of this area is absolutely stunning and because everything is so close it is easy to do without a lot of hassles.

Morro Bay is home to one of California's last remaining fishing fleets. We spent our mornings through 3 pm or so exploring the huge craggy rock piers built out from Morro Rock itself, taking in great views of yachts, fishing boats and larger sailing vessels struggling against the fierce winds to enter and exit the bay to the pacific ocean. There is plenty of parking, nice restrooms, cold outdoor showers, beach picnics, surfing, kayaking, biking, and sunbathing all done from the Morro Strand State Park. You can also see whales offshore during some times of the year.

This is a true estuary, where fresh water meets the sea, and so provides a fantastic opportunity to see the widest variety and most interactive wildlife. The starfish, sea urchins and crabs scurrying amongst the rocks beachside were fun to play with and photograph. There are over 250 species of birds and they call and sing all day long overhead, their sounds so indicative of shore life and haunted me late into the evenings. More information about the diverse wildlife can be found at the Morro Bay Estuary Nature Center at the corner of Embarcadero and Marina.

Back inland in the Embarcadero area we stood in line in the foggy cold for 45 minutes for a fish sandwich and some mediocre fried seafood from Giovanni's Fish House. Harbor seals barked and fought each other on the attached docks, diving back into the icy waters to swim. You can walk approximately a mile of ocean side shops, eateries, restaurants, and bars all with a fantastic view of this massive mountainous like rock formation 1,000 yards offshore called Morro Rock. Parking is free but gets very crowded on weekends. Had homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting dockside to finish off the day. Next day we had breakfast at The Coffee Pot Restaurant in Morro Bay. Average food, expensive, crowded, small bathrooms, but convenient and fast service.

morro rock can be climbed and scuttled but if you fall it is serious danger below

There are numerous campgrounds, ocean and waterside golf courses, piers, inland overnight parking, and fishing opportunities all over this area. We shaved, cleaned up, and red a few magazines off the shelf at the Rite-Aid inland in the evenings before bedtime. Easy and fun place to Vanabodeand we will visit again probably for 3-4 days next time - Morro Bay California

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