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North Myrtle Beach on $20 a day

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We secure a free nearly oceanfront parking spot at the end of Main street in North Myrtle Beach early in the morning. We plan on taking in the annual Shag parade starting at noon. I walk down to the beach as the sun rises over the sea all the way to my left (not straight out over the ocean like it does in Cape Canaveral where we started this trip.)

  my hot wife on the Vanabode road trip in North Myrtle Beach

Above: My hot wife Kelly grins roadside at the Shaggers Parade in North Myrtle Beach.

shaggers parade float in North Myrtle Beach

The annual Shaggers parade starts with thousands of onlookers pressed shoulder-to-shoulder streetside a block from where we parked. Lawn chairs and blankets line the shoulder and children run out dangerously close to the passing vehicles and floats.

shaggers parade float and condos on the ocean

Shaggers is a celebration of the kind of freestyle dancing that was once popular all over this area by those too young or poor to have the money and means to attend proper upscale dignified dances in air conditioned halls. Picture the scene you might see today in poor neighborhoods all over big inner cities. Now drop that image on a sandy beach housing small cheap bars and you have an idea of what shagging was once all about. Now though, it’s just mostly forty and fifty year olds celebrating what used to be by promoting local Shaggers clubs via this parade.

Captain Jacks awesome lobster van near North Myrtle Beach and the shaggers parade.

Above: Captain Jacks awesome lobster van near North Myrtle Beach and the shaggers parade.

People of all ages drive golf carts and sports cars past us pulling floats styled as duck trucks, pirate ships, love shacks, and safari treasures. I hardly know what it all means but I do see a two humped camel up ahead, and that I can relate to.

shaggers parade in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Shaggers Parade in North Myrtle Beach.

Ships moored by gorgeous shops and marinas of Barefoot Landing

We finish out the day wandering the gorgeous shops and marinas of Barefoot Landing.

The next day we enjoy an awesome private wine tasting for three dollars over the water. Then we shop in over ninety stores built on stilts over the lake. I have never seen anything just like it. We get fantastic views every time we exit a building. Long docks and decks criss cross the lake adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway, providing access and shortcuts to all the shops of Myrtle Beach’s Barefoot Landing.

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