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Othello Tunnels Canada

Hope Canada, 1-3 days, June   More Pictures  |  More Info

Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park houses some extraordinarily deep and interesting tunnels through which trains hauling lumber and supplies once traveled. The park is only open from April to October and it is free to get in but they have metered parking for $1 per hour. There are picnic tables and seats and pit toilets so you can easily spend the day here. The main hike runs through 4 or 5 full tunnels. Between each one are extraordinarily wild canyons, cliffs and thundering river views.

othello tunnels in hope british columbia canada picture


Above: Othello Tunnels run over the course of a large section of this part of the country. They were constructed from 1911 through 1916 by blasting through solid granite mountains.

coquihalla gorge and canyon picture in between two of the othello tunnels picture

Above: This is a 300 foot deep channel cut through the granite by the river. This part of the gorge and canyon is in between two of the Othello Tunnels.

The hike is really just a leisurely walk up a mild incline for about 1/2 mile. The tunnels are quite dark inside though so keep your little ones close as it is almost impossible to see anything but the light at the end of the tunnel when inside the tunnel. The drive up to the tunnels is a little twisting and I don't recommend it for rv's. When the weather is good expect crowded parking lots. Bikers are welcome to ride this route as well and there were quite a few of them when we were there.

This Othello Tunnels and canyons area was used in the Hollywood movie releases First Blood, Shoot to Kill, Far from Home, and others. It is rugged dark and beautiful offering glimpses into a past life and at a wild place that must have transformed the lives of those that first moved here. I definitely recommend this to all those Vanaboding within 200 miles of here.

This was one of many places in Canada where their were permanent signs stating "lock you car this is a high auto theft area". which gave us cause for concern since we are packing everything necessary to Vanabode forever plus a computer and digital cameras and supporting charging devices.

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I enjoyed the Othello Tunnels and big canyons in this part of the trip through Hope British Columbia Canada.

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