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Plymouth Massachusetts on $20 a day

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Our earliest pioneers landed here on tiny ships, in rough seas, without proper ports or wharfs in place, uneducated by today’s standards, under financed, with few belongings, and in poor health. Some came with small children, and strong religious beliefs, and some with a bottle of rum and dark histories. But they managed to create a most powerful nation.

  plymouth fancy yachts in the harbor

Above: Gorgeous old world style yachts line the marinas and bays here.

full sized Mayflower wooden ship replica in plymouth

Plymouth showcases everything from a full sized Mayflower wooden ship replica to a fully recreated village. Everything is located just a few streets over from the original real life village and buildings.

The path leads to a large historically important cemetery showcasing many gravestones of the original sailors, captains, pilgrims, priests, and royalty to land and settle here. I am amazed that so many die so young. One marker shows a couple whose three children died at age five days, four months, and eleven months respectfully. Many women beneath these stones passed before the age of thirty. Few men lived past fifty years old, according to the inscriptions.

waterfront in plymouth parks

The marinas are clean, busy, entertaining, free to tour, and easy to see from the hilltop streets. Big grassy lawns stretch out in every direction around the wharfs. Historical avenues provide shady areas beneath sixty-foot tall trees to picnic or rest. We share a really nice brunch for eleven dollars total at a crowded café popular with locals a block from the bay. The meal includes unlimited coffee, a large grilled blueberry scone, two scrambled eggs, and crispy hot potato chunks.

Above: There is quite a variety of interesting things to see here. A hand written sign posted on a brick wall in an alley full of pubs reads, “Do NOT piss here, this is your only warning!” This was just down the street from this beautiful Native American statuary.

plymouth grist mill and gift shops
Above: I’m unimpressed with the architecture here, but the Grist Mill is certainly worth seeing. Antique shops and stores selling odd unique one of a kind items surround this area.

Above: This stream runs through the Grist Mill and then through town and out to the ocean.

rock of plymouth massachusetts memorial

Above: This is THE Plymouth Rock (supposedly). We end the day people watching and walking along the piers and marinas. It’s almost exclusively snow white Caucasian’s here, which I find a little strange.

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