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Portland Maine on $20 a day

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waterfront condos on the wharf in porland

Below: The signage here in Portland just blew me away. Many of the signs I cannot post here but here are some I thought were interesting for various reasons.

portland maine funny and crazy and pretty signage

The next morning we pay two dollars to park on the street in Portland. I didn’t finish dinner the night before and left four sesame crackers on the dash. “These are stale”, complains Kelly the next morning as she slowly and deliberately chews each one. “Yea, but look on the bright side”, I explain, “stale crackers have less calories.” Now with breakfast behind us we wander the busy working wharfs in the sun.

working wharf portland maine

  custom yacht tied up

portland maine ecclectic bookstore

Above: A collector’s specialty bookstore is packed and stacked from floor to ceiling with thousands of books, one copy only of each book. The place looks like a hoarders den. We can barely squeeze through the tall piles of books without knocking them over.

architecture in portland maine near water

Later we share lamb curry, palak paneer with house made cheese, coconut soup, tomato cilantro soup, hot flaky naan bread, and Desi style iceless glasses of water at India Palace on Congress street. The food is fantastic. We won’t dine out again today though due to the budget.

portland trawler chippewa in harbor

Above: I think this deep sea fishing vessel was converted to a tour ship?

portland marina front houses and condos

Above: The sweet integration of both worlds, water and land, reminded me of Chicago somewhat.

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