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Rockport Massachusetts travel on $20 a day

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rockport marina and shopping district in massachusetts

Above: We park for free on the wharf directly in downtown Rockport. Here the delightful little seasonally popular seaside resort offers tourists like us oodles of well-stocked art galleries and retail shops. However, they don’t open until 11 a.m.

I discover talking pirate with a pirate accent is highly addictive. Once I begin, and Kelly starts laughing, I cannot stop. I carry on with the “booty” and “bounty” and “peg leg” this and “scurvy” that talk for a few minutes.

Suddenly a young lady rounds the corner and pushes a crippled guy in a wheel chair right towards me. Unfortunately he’s wearing an eye patch and all I can think of is that famous pirate that always wore one. The girl pushing him looks right at me.

  lovely wife Kelly as bright as the garden

I cannot tell if she is staring because of the way I look (people have done that my whole life), or if her glare accuses me of poking fun at her friend. Either way, her bold unflinching eye contact silences “me words of the sea a bit.”

kelly smiles on our east coast road trip in rockport

Above: This place is special for more than one reason.

rockport inland marina and waterfront homes

anchorage in rockport marina's

Above: This is her "I'm up to no good" face. Sometimes this means she wants ice cream but usually it just means we will be walking ALOT today.

bay and marina in rockport

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