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San Diego California Pictures

San Diego California, 3-5 June days See San Diego Embarcadero for free maps.

Seaport Village is all about waterfront shopping, dining and entertainment. A cement boardwalk lines the San Diego Bay with maritime museums and shoreline parks. This fun and exciting area is all located next to downtown San Diego. Take ferries or harbor cruises. Get up close and personal with a naval aircraft carrier as well as the world's oldest active ship "Star of India"

picture taken at san diego embarcadero boardwalk

navy aircraft carrier at san diego bay picture

Picture of San Diego's Star of Indian historic ship

San Diego's economy centers on tourism, trade, agriculture, ship-building, the military, biotechnology, computer science and electronics. Downtown San Diego is located on the San Diego Bay. Major tourists attractions include the city's beaches and bays, Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo, Sea World, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Old Town. Numerous farms are located in the valleys northeast of the city. San Diego enjoys an abundance of quality produce with its position on the Pacific Ocean and its warm Mediterranean-like climate. Beyond the mountains east of the city are desert areas. The Cleveland National Forest is a half-hour drive from downtown San Diego. There are small pockets of natural parkland scattered throughout the city due to the deep canyons separating the city's mesas.

sculpture at san diego's embarcadero

The U.S. Navy ports, Marine Corps bases, and Coast Guard stations are in or near San Diego. It is the home port of the largest naval fleet in the world which include two Navy supercarriers, several Los Angeles-class submarines, five amphibious assault ships, and many smaller ships.

san diego naval ship picture

Above: In this picture you can see helicopters and other aircraft on the top deck of this Naval aircraft carrier in port at San Diego's Embarcadero.

san diego ship and submarine

Above: Picture of Jason and I in front of an old wooden sail boat and a submarine at the Embarcadero.

downtown san diego picture

Above: Picture of Downtown San Diego.

Jason's thoughts - Big, progressive, modern city. You could easily spend four to six weeks exploring everything. The climate, the ocean proximity, the multi-national multi-cultural atmosphere and the sight seeing possibilities make San Diego a great place to hang out.

Kelly's thoughts - There is so much to do in San Diego and the surrounding area that it can be overwhelming for someone who wants to do it all, like me. I love big cities and I love the ocean. This is all me in one place.

Travel Info - There are many RV parks in and around San Diego though they tend to be hard to find. Many are booked in the summer. Be ready for some elevation changes throughout the area. Some of the state parks can be cheap but many of them do not have sewage hook-ups and others do not have electricity or water but only allow you to park. Make sure when you make reservations that you make sure what you are buying in San Diego area RV parks. Travel 5 miles from Coronado to visit San Diego California.

Additional information on Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo in California.

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