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Sausalito California

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Sausalito California's waterfront scene is everything that San Francisco's waterfront scene is not. It is typically sunny and much warmer. You can see all the way across the bay to the city. But they share the same types of tourist shops and places to buy food and art galleries. There does not seem to be a place to rent bikes on this side so if yo want to rent a bike in San Francisco and bike over the famous bridge and into Sausalito. Make sure you have bike locks with your rental.


Sausalito is definitely worth a full day and maybe even many more. Lots of nice waterfront restaurants, huge marinas to walk through with unique houseboats and houseboat villages. Super expensive homes and neighborhoods to drive through if you care. They are very steep on the hillsides. Spectacular views throughout Sausalito and all you have to do is cross the bridge. To get back to San Francisco the cost is $5 per vehicle or you can ride your bikes for free. This is highly recommended if you spend a lot of time in San Francisco like we did where you are getting completely fogged out everyday and you want to see some sun. All you have to do is cross the bridge and there it is.

Above: shows a portion of the Sausalito waterfront area that you can walk and hang out in. Views of cliff constructed homes and on clear days those of San Francisco make this a nice place for sightseeing. Below: view from Sausalito of San Francisco and area skylines.

shows crowded busy streets of saualiot california, bikers, walkers, vendors and cars

We worked out in the morning and showered. Got directions to a good farmers market about 10 miles north of San Francisco. Absolutely the best farmers market ever. Fresh goat feta cheese, honeycomb, strange looking vegetables, sourdough baguette, cookies, and fresh danish pastries. The sky was blue and it was warm. Finally, we got to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts. Drove south back to Sausalito and walked the streets.

On the way back to the van there was a sidewalk sign and Jason said "is that the same girl who drew the custom birthday card you bought me 10 years ago?" It was. She has her own shop with all of her art work on cards, painted stools, t-shirts and baby clothes with her girl drawings transferred on them. Oh and if you ask around there is a secret spa here that offers private outdoor hot tub rentals for only $30 for two people for an hour. Very nice indeed. We headed back to San Francisco and took a shower and then went downtown. Spent the night under the highway bridge overpass on Mason and Hallack across beautiful Sausalito Bay California.

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