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Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area Pictures

Tosohatchee Florida, 1-5 days Nov-Feb    More Pictures and Information

Picture below shows my wife Kelly looking for me. She sees my bike abandoned and is wondering where I am pottying? I am in a hunters tree blind 25 feet up in the air over the trail. Sometimes this is a good place to shoot pictures.

picture from a hunters tree blind on the tosohatchee  reserve in florida


The best times to enjoy the wildflowers in the reserve are spring and fall. If you are a photographer they make for great photos. Should you want a more elevated view, look out for tree stands in the area.

If you are not interested in hiking, there is quite a lot to be seen from the dirt roads even. Most of the dirt roads can be driven in a two-wheel-drive vehicle but beware as the roads in the area can become very muddy at times.

tosohatchee wildlife management area pine trees and road picture

Picture above shows wooded roads leading through pine forests and heavy underbrush. Watch out for ticks here especially in the warmer months.

Vanabode parked on the elevated wooden road bridge used in the area to get to the fishing and boating parts of the preserve on the St. John River in the picture above.

alligator waiting for us to cross the bridge to strike

This mother alligator was in this tiney pond about 20 foot by 14 foot in the middle of nowhere. We approached the pond because we heard the baby alligaotr peeping. As soon as we got close she shower herself and would have attacked had we got too close. There was no water that we could see for at least a half mile around so they were water bound at this point. We say pig tracks so she may be feeding on young swine.

There are lots of horses running around to play with or chase or photograph from nearby ranches that have grazing rights on the reserve. Here you see the power line road that runs many miles throught the reserve and deadends into the Saint Johns River. Bring lots of water here because there are very few facilities to get more unless you have a good purification system.

Winter is the best time to visit Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area in Florida. More information on the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area.

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