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Vancouver Canada Surrounding Areas

Squamish Marina provided a great nights sleep on our route to Vancouver. It was fairly quiet though you will hear the train come by one or two times during the night.

Horseshoe Bay is very beautiful and highly recommended for a half day at least hang out spot. It is off the Highway 99 Sea to Sky scenic highway on marine drive exit. If doing this don't get back on the highway but instead take the Marine Drive road all the way to Stanley Park. From Vancouver Canada to Whistler in the North the Sea to Sky scenic highway is supposedly one of the most beautiful drives in the world.


We do not agree. The Pacific coast highway 1 running along California's coast for instance is much more beautiful and accessible. The drive in Canada allows very few pull offs and when they are allowed it is often only for the south bound side.

Most of the drive you cannot even see the water, ocean, river, cliffs or other geographic elements. Instead you speed by staring at overgrown pine trees for hundreds of miles.

Lighthouse park on Marine Drive which runs around the outside of Vancouver taking you through the neighborhoods takes you through many places to see the marinas, boats, beaches, neighborhood parks, trees, cliffs, and eateries. It is a dangerous road with many hair pin turns, and speed limits in the 15 mph range. No large rv's allowed here once again pointing to the supremacy of the Vanabode style of travel. Some campgrounds are along this road which do not open until 10 am. One had fantastic showers which we took advantage of.

Bought some fresh straight from the farm hazel nuts in Agassiz Canada and once again I was reminded of one of the true great pleasures of Vanaboding. These hazelnuts were so fresh and so full of flavor they were unlike any nut I have ever tasted. I just breathed across the nuts and could "taste them". I would rest one nut in my mouth on my tongue for five to ten minutes and without even breaking the nut I could taste the most amazing and delicious hazel nut flavor. For those eating mainly store bought foods that are irradiated, fumigated, sprayed with insecticides, picked too early so they can be shipped before they rot and worse, I beg you to get out and Vanabode and eat good for the rest of your life.

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