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Walden Pond Concord Massachusetts on $20 a day

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concord sign of thoreau's writing

Walden Pond offers us a silent retreat, save the hourly thunderous passing of the commuter train headed to Boston. Even as far back as Thoreau’s day, the iron horse locomotive hauled the working class from job to job, from suburbs and rural towns to their masters in the big city. Their lord still lives in Boston.
One of the managers at the Thoreau Societies Gift Shop explains, “Thousands commute daily from six different states into the big city for work. Many work only seasonally.” Many spend over three hours a day commuting in traffic behind glass and steel, on noisy, polluted, congested trains, subways, buses, personal vehicles, cabs, and ferries.

  walden cabin in concord massachusetts on our road trip up the east coast

Above: If you are caught up in a similar vein, bleeding for others, your lifetime disappearing for a boss in another land, pickup Vanabode now. The philosophical chapters: “We Never Own Anything”, and “You Don’t Live in a House (you live in your body)” are especially helpful to those raised on a diet of higher knowledge and college debt.

For most the mantra “more education equals more money equals more life” is just a spirit crushing materialistic lie. If you want to start living NOW, instead of twenty years from now, you can. We are, and we’re not even considered middle class in terms of income and education.

walden pond in concord in the summer

We walk about two miles around the pond on sandy, soft, tree debris lined, well-established paths. We don’t see any wildlife except for red and gray squirrels and tiny chipmunks. We welcome the silence though, after our days in Boston. A few people come and swim the pond, stroking cold laps from one side to the other. When finished they quickly spring from the blue turquoise water and peel off their wetsuits, hurriedly dry off, and rush to their warm vehicles.

henry david thoreau cabin in concord in walden pond park

vanabode author jason odom poses in concord with henry david thoreau

I am especially pleased to walk through the replica of Henry David’s little homemade house. It is perfectly sized with just enough room for about twenty people to stand in at once, shoulder-to-shoulder. These days, many think the “tiny house” movement is a fresh and new way of looking at housing, but it’s all been done before.

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