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Washington DC on $20 a day

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Washington DC was an extraordinary affordable not to be missed experience. WIthout the Vanabode, had for example we traveled here in a big motorhome or tried to base out of hotel rooms at $250 a night it would have been impossible. Instead we were here one and half weeks and every day was something new and interesting. We will be back.

dc portrait gallery a real classy joint

Washington DC's Portrait Gallery is an astonishing collection of great space and wondrous art. We nearly had the place to ourselves.

  washington dc natrual history museum


Above: Type "Cuban Friendship Urn, Washington, DC 20242" in GOOGLE MAPS - the first of 3 all day free parking lots is right beside it. You can WALK under all those highways it is not dangerous. It is set up for walking, jogging, biking, etc. I THINK they are called parking lots A, B, and C? Do NOT post this elsewhere or it won't be free for very long! It is important to understand these are the ONLY parking lots where you can leave your vehicle ALL day and enjoy the sites. EVERYWHERE else requires that you move your vehicle every two hours which means exploring is pretty much done. I mean, how do you expect to enjoy a museum that takes 6 hours to go through (and you have over 20 such places to see) if you have to move your car every two hours.

dc union station at night with full renovation in 2014

Union Station in DC has become a real nice tourist attraction at no charge.

vanabode under dc architecture

We spent some late afternoons relaxing in city parks all around DC in various neighborhoods featuring great architecture, style and free parking.

marines memorial in washington dc on vacation

Look at the size of this incredible sculpture dedicated to our Marines throughout history. Thanks Todd, my brother, for serving our country and helping to keep us free.

Washington DC's Air Force Memorial is astonishingly high.

dc art gallery sculpture

The DC art galleries were astonishing. Collections of every kind of work imaginable.

dc art gallery wall sculpture ancient

botanical gardens in washington dc

Washington's Botanical Gardens are a real treat, big, free, and easy to get to.

dc Smithsonians National Zoo. with bears and flamingoes

We had a poor time at the Smithsonians National Zoo. Poor layout, ripoff parking fees, and bad signage wasted a lot of our time and made for one of the worst zoo experiences I have ever had.

capitol building in dc

When you travel on your own schedule Vanabode style you aren't forced to be places when all the tourists are. This means better experiences and less crowds.

Washington DC's Portrait Gallery sculpture bust of male

Washington DC's Portrait Gallery offered some of the best sculpture and painting I have ever seen.

Later we visited the extraordinary Natural History Museum. One could spend days here. BELOW is the rare and now extinct tiny armadillo (I think?).

extinct armadillo

natural history museum giant snake skeleton

Natural History Museum giant snake skeleton among hundreds of others.

natural history museum massive showcase rooms.

Washington's Natural History Museum has dozens of such spectacular places to visit.

The Lincoln Memorial is huge, decadent and beautiful,  surely a must see in DC.

The Lincoln Memorial is huge, decadent and beautiful, surely a must see in DC.

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