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Winnemucca Nevada

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Winnemucca is a green valley in northern Nevada surrounded by vast unpopulated stretches of BLM lands. The local economy is largely supported by manufacturing, tourists, gold mining, farming and ranching. There are unlimited recreational opportunities for hunting and fishing, sightseeing and exploring. Seems like a decent place to retire to if you want the wild outdoors and plenty of room to roam. The city has things like a movie theater and restaurants but they are quite outdated.

dry camping also called boondocking  is easy around winnemucca nevada


Because the city is quite dark at night seeing the stars is a big draw here and October through March are the best times since the heat waves will not distort your views. Unfortunately for some the Winters here are too cold for camping. It is a punishable crime to pick up any artifact like a special rock or arrow head and remove it from these lands.

Be careful the weekend warriors can ruin your life if you get caught breaking the law and they choose to enforce the law.

The visitor center and museum set up right on the main street in town had an exceptionally nice collection of artifacts, gems, historical information, mounts of over 70 exotic animals, and more. They also have all the usual tourist magazines with local coupons and information on where to camp and play.

Battle Mountain Corridor on the way from Austin to Winnemucca has no place to camp within the park but many places before and after. It is heavy old growth forest, dark and hilly.

Winnemucca is a typical desert town with hundreds of acres of ATV riding including real soft sand Winnemucca dunes. I think this place is a nice stopover or possibly a great place to live as well if you like the big outdoors and do not require the big city social life with accompanying amenities and atmosphere.

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You could spend many days Vanabode camping in the surrounding areas of this part of Nevada, so remember the name Winnemucca Nevada.

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