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Alpine Triangle Colorado

Alpine Triangle Colorado, 4-26 days, March - November

This awesome portion of public land comprises over 600,000 acres of the Gunnison River basin. Our super efficient BLM manages it so that means easy cheap uncrowded camping in varied areas. This particular area has wide open dry desert like places full of sagebrush, succulents and some cactus similar to Austin Nevada. But there are also huge Aspen forests. There are some areas that look similar to California with twisted ponderosa pine by the thousands, oversized spruce, and even fir trees.

  alpine triangle colorado picture from vanabode sleeping vantage point

You can hike up higher and higher depending on what you want to see and also on the weather and temperature situation Sleeping comfortably is one of the Essentials of a Great life detailed in the Vanabode book and sleeping requires a good temperature and weather range. Some of the open range tundra meadows run as high as 13,000 feet above sea level so in the cooler months these parts will be cold.

This is a massive area and super popular due to the easy access and relaxed camping rules of the BLM. This is the kind of camping and Vanaboding that will addict you for life. You will never be the same after staying places like this for a month or two and seeing such variety so cheaply. You can hunt wildlife with gun, bow or camera, hike, fish, off road with your bikes, camp, ride horses, and in some places use recreational vehicles. For the tougher crowd you can mountain climb, cross country ski, snowmobile around, and go for month long backpacking trips to the interior.

Wood is hard to find for making fires in many places especially in the popular high country. Those who collect and burn it are often subject to fines and the danger of starting a forest fire. Use the tactics explained in Vanabode to cook without fire, fuel, smoke or electricity if staying too long to be happy with cold camping foods.

Directions: Come in on US Highway 550 north of Durango or from State Highway 149.

Vanabode Special Notes: Although the area is somewhat watched over, Alpine Triangle is free land. You can camp here as long as you want. I would consider staying here for weeks, maybe months at a time. There is so much to do here and you will never get bored. This is one of the places in the United States that a person could disappear for good, never go hungry, and live super cheap and super happy. Just be aware of the cold winter months. Also the roads are best navigated with a 4 wheel drive vehicle though a decent high profile Vanabode like the one shown in the book can be used successfully as long as you drive under 5 miles per hour. Consider planning a spring or summer trip in Alpine Triangle in Colorado.

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