fort stevens peter iredale ship wreck picture

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Astoria Oregon Vacation Travel Pictures

Astoria Oregon Pictures  |  Travel Camping Details

picture of flowers in bloom in cannon beach oregon

Above: The flowers were in full bloom during our June visit to Cannon Beach. We walked through many craft and souvenir shops and every art gallery. We ate crab meat for lunch and finished the day with chocolate honeycomb candy from the well known Bruce's Candy Kitchen. You will be delighted with the soft, laid-back landscape while touring this quaint and very clean town.


sculpture at visitors center in cannon beach oregon picture

Above: Uniquely beautiful glass and aluminum sculpture at the Visitor's Center in Cannon Beach.

picture taken while walking through the art galleries in cannon beach

Above: Cannon Beach is a popular vacation destination along the Oregon coast. It is delightfully adorned with colorful flowers and there are plenty of benches and seats to relax among the beautiful landscape and people watch. Most of the galleries are artist owned and operated and the shop keepers are friendly.

picture taken at bruce's candy kitchen in cannon beach oregon

Above: Bruce's Candy Kitchen has every candy imaginable. They make their own salt water taffy, chocolate covered candies and treats, as well as peanut brittle and caramel corn. There is so much to look at and so much variety to choose from. We tried something different, something everyone should do when they are on vacation or holiday. We tried their very own Seafoam candy. It is a crunchy vanilla honeycomb covered in chocolate, which is similar to a malt ball. I love the name.

wrecked ship on oregon coast picture

Above: Just 10 miles west of Astoria is the historic Fort Stevens State Park. In 1906 the four-masted steel vessel ran ashore on the northern Oregon coast while navigating to the Columbia River. The Peter Iredale is an incredible site to see. It is amazing that it still exists for us to see after over 100 years in the harsh elements of the Pacific Ocean, winds and rain.

picture taken from parking lot of ecola state park near cannon beach oregon and haystack rock

Above: Ecola State Park overlooks Indian Beach to the north and Cannon Beach with the 237 foot high Haystack Rock to the south. There are hiking trails along the cliffs and on the beach. We fixed our dinner here on a park picnic table after walking four hours through the shops in Cannon Beach. Of course the seagulls and crows came for a visit but they weren't too obnoxious. You can see the clouds and fog rolling in and dispersing right before your eyes. The winds and moisture can quickly change the blue day to a moody day and back to a clear sky again.

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