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Astoria Oregon

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Astoria, well honestly, we didn't spend too much time here. I know most people would be upset at us but there is always next time. And more than likely we will visit again but only in July, which is the best month to travel through Oregon and Washington. Typically it is the month with the least amount of rainfall and highest average temperature of about 66 degrees Fahrenheit. And honestly, us Floridians can't take much cold. Yes, 66 degrees is cold. Although we spent our time along the Pacific Coast, Astoria is more than the beach. The historic and beautifully scenic Columbia River travels from far inland and exits into the Pacific Ocean in Astoria, Oregon.

astoria megler bridge oregon picture

Above: Astoria-Megler Bridge spans the mouth of the Columbia River. It is a continuous truss bridge between Astoria, Oregon and Point Ellice which is near Megler, Washington. At 4.1 miles long it is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.

Astoria is an important seaport in the Pacific Northwest as well as an area known for its grunge music. You shouldn't have a problem finding live music most nights of the week. And so while taking in the scenery and destinations dress cozy, casual and comfortable. The most common spots to visit while in the city of Astoria is the Columbia River Maritime Museum, the Astoria Column, and the Victorian-style Flavel House where the movie "The Goonies" was filmed. Also take a quick walk around downtown. There are lots of coffee shops in this area and good pastries at Danish bakeries due to the Scandinavian influences.

astoria oregon peter iredale picture

Above: The Peter Iredale can be seen up close and personal on the beaches of Fort Stevens State Park, about 15 minutes from downtown Astoria. After 105 plus years in the harsh elements of the Pacific Northwest it's remains still exists.

I am not that much of a history buff but I really wanted to visit Fort Stevens for one reason only. The Peter Iredale. Fort Stevens State Park is about 10 miles west of Astoria on the Pacific Ocean. The fort was the primary military defense at the mouth of the Columbia River. It first served during the Civil War and closed at the end of World War II, a total of 84 years. Today, Fort Stevens is a 3,700 acre park offering recreational opportunities, nature and an exploration of history. Speaking of history, the Peter Iredale was a steel barge vessel with four masts. In the early morning hours in October of 1906 it ran ashore while en route to the Columbia River. Amazingly, there are still remnants of the ship on shore.

  picture taken in cannon beach near art galleries

Below: Picnic dinner at Ecola State Park just north of Cannon Beach. I was nervous driving the narrow and winding road to get to this vantage point but it is worth it. The trails here are part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. During low tide you can explore the tide pools.

picture taken at ecola park oregon

Traveling south down the coast about 25 miles from Astoria is the very cute and flourishing town of Cannon Beach. This is a popular tourist destination that's surrounded by natural and rugged beauty of the ocean, rivers and forests. The weather was beautiful, finally blue skies, and the tourists and flowers were in full swing. Although it was crowded we got lucky and was able to park in the lot at the visitor's center. We gathered up some pamphlets and got some information before heading out. My only complaint was the price of food in an overly crowded, shabby, screen door-slamming joint. We paid $7 for 2 oz. of bland crab meat in a plastic cup. So to make my stomach less miserable I just drank a carbonated beverage. Taking our time it took us about four hours touring the streets, visiting every art gallery, souvenir shop and the local candy store. Afterwards we drove to Ecola State Park where we walked some trails overlooking the ocean. We fixed dinner for ourselves on the hill top overlooking Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach. We had a beautiful scenic day in and around Astoria Oregon.

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