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Austin Nevada to Square Mountain Oregon Vanabode Trip

Battle Mountain, Winnemucca, Denio Nevada, Square Mountain Oregon 1-7 days June   
More Pictures  |  Map  |  N42° 21.432'  W116° 51.178'  |  Elev 5,706

We drove 315 miles to a secluded private camping spot at the foot of Square Mountain in Oregon off county road 202/205 after soaking in the hot springs near Austin Nevada. We hiked a little in the complete silence, then as the night settled on us the birds began to sing. There were a couple of biting mosquitos but we were able to huddle under out sleeping bag outside the van and watch the sun go down from the lawn chairs.

square mountain oregon camping picture


Battle Mountain was small and industrious and advertised itself as the gateway to the great outdoors. It could easily be that but not much else. Winnemucca is a city of about 20,000 with a cute downtown area, and typical stores like Walmart to stock up on supplies.

We had Mexican food at Las Margaritas a block from the visitor center in Winnemucca and it was good for the price. They have a large bar and seemed to be set up for some rather elaborate parties, catering, drink fests, and late night dining.

This stretch of highways and county roads runs through rock studded mountains, hundreds of thousands of acres of lush farm land, and beautiful valleys and fields of blooming flowers and sage brush. We saw pronghorn antelope, cattle, buzzards, snakes, lizards and a massive owl. This area is perfect for months at a time as you are able to move every day or two and never see the same thing twice. It is free to camp nearly everywhere and as long as you have plenty of supplies and food a very easy Vanabode trip.

on the way to winnemucca nevada

The GPS reading above shows where we spent the night hugging a bluff at the foot of Square Mountain Oregon. See Nevada mountain range for more pictures.

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