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Oregon Coast Trip

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The drive along the Oregon Coast from Tillamook to Florence is about 115 miles and it took us a few days. We stopped at every viewpoint and almost every state park along Highway 101. Tillamook is a great place to either start or to end your journey along the Pacific. Who can resist free cheese and great ice cream. So, as the title of this page is named Oregon Coast Trip it is assumed that everything is water related. While both of us are from the east coast of Florida where everything is flat beach and ocean, albiet beautiful and tropical with some easily accessible remote locations, please be forewarned that we think the Pacific coast is strangely beautiful and not what we are used to. Thanks for the digital camera or we would have had to pay a small fortune to develop many rolls of film. It's not often where you can see sea aneomona and starfish totally out of water and exposed for all creatures great and small to see. At least once a day you can witness these beautiful creatures during low tide somewhere along the coast. Although we saw some awesome landscapes driving from Burns to Pendleton, Oregon, my heart just turns to mush when I get to the ocean.

  oregon coast starfish exposed in tide pool picture

Even though our trip was during June through the interior and coastal towns of Oregon as well as Washington and Canada, it was cold. Layering and a winter coat was part of the wardrobe along the Oregon coast everyday. This mostly had to do with high winds because the sun was out and the skies were clear for the most part. No matter what day of the week it was, weekday or weekend, the beaches were free from crowds of people. We saw a few kite surfers but other than that no one swimming in the ocean.

lincoln city beach oregon picture

Above: Picture of beach in Lincoln City near Chinook Winds Casino, were we parked for a few hours. It was a very easy walk to the beach and I walked north to the end where the land becomes part of the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. There were families and kite surfers enjoying the sunny day.

Oregon's coast is made up of diverse terrain changing from cliffs to forests to dunes and of course miles of sandy beaches. You will come across a smorgasbord of attractions like lighthouses, aquariums, tidepools, museums and galleries. You will find that there are some towns you want to spend time in and some you just want to drive right through. Whatever you do or don't do you will find that the ever-changing scenery along the Oregon Coast is spectacular and guaranteed to make memories to last a lifetime.

devils punch bowl state park picture

Above: Picture overlooking the Pacific at Devil's Punch Bowl State Park. Unfortunately, we were here as the sun was setting and there was too much shade to show the punch bowl in a picture. During winter storms and high surf the ocean slams into the hollow rock formation with a thundering roar. The punch bowl is another popular spot for whalewatching. While you are here take time for a picnic and explore tidepools during low tide. There are two low tides in a 24 hour period, however, one is a minus tide. During this time you can actually go inside the punchbowl and walk over the wave-polished boulders.

oregon coast viewpoint picture

Above: There are many viewpoint pull offs and state parks along Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast. Most have parks and stops have picnic areas so that you can eat your sandwich with a spectacular view. We found that most of the state parks in Oregon do not charge an entrance fee.

sea lions oregon coast picture

Above: Stellar sea lions seen from viewpoint near the Sea Lions Caves park. The cave is the world's largest natural sea cave and home to these sea lions. There is an entrance fee to the sea cave, however, from the highway 101 pull off you can easily zoom in with your camera or binoculars to watch them swim and lay around sunning themselves on the rocks below.

heceta lighthouse oregon viewpoint picture

Above: The Heceta Head Lighthouse is circa 1894 as well as the Light Keeper’s house, which by the way are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The working lighthouse reaches a height of over 200 feet above the ocean. It's beam casts some 21 miles out to sea which makes it the brightest light on the Oregon coast. Currently, the Heceta Head Light Keeper’s House is a popular bed and breakfast. It sits on a cliff with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and the beach below. It is open year round and guests are encouraged to view the lighthouse after dark, a rare experience.

heceta head lighthouse oregon picture

Above: Heceta Head State Park also includes the state park of Devils Elbow. It is located in a cove at the mouth of Cape Creek. Here you have great views of the ocean. There are two short trails here, walk south to view the Heceta Head lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's house, and walk north for a spectacular view of the coast to Cape Perpetua. Not only the scenery but the wildlife that can be seen along the Oregon Coast is very unique. The trails at the state park are part of a 7 mile network where you can view beach wildllife such as puffins, bird nesting areas, sea lions and whales. Heceta Head Lighthouse is one of the most photographed and we took part of that on our Oregon Coast Trip

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