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Paso Robles Wine Trip Pictures

If you aren't into crowds of wine tasters then drive to the Far Out Wineries of Paso Robles. The larger estate wineries are on the main highway. The shops around City Park is where you will find restaurants, boutiques, bars, and wine tasting shops. Pasolio is a family owned olive ranch where they handpick and press their olives into olive oil. On the property of Adelaida Cellars you can take a steep drive to the hilltop for a picnic overlooking miles of hills, vineyards and orchards. Check out the sculptures and try on a colored wig while tasting at Clautiere Vineyard.

Sign at Paso Robles winery  picture

It is a picturesque town with some hidden treasures. On this particular trip, Paso Robles was actually our very first stop in California with our most northern destination being Fort Bragg. We had made reservations to go horseback riding in the forest and on the beach as a birthday gift for Kelly.

The best part of the horseback ride for us was not the actual ocean ride but rather the steep and winding walk through the deep and ever changing forest. They escorted us up and through a small hilly mountain range and it was cool, scenic and the horses loved it.

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Paso Robles California Wine Trip

Paso Robles California Wine Tasting Adventure - traveling information and pictures. Paso Robles California wine trip, was one of the best trips that we had planned. First off, it was a great time of year with the nights being cool enough to sleep and do our cheap van camping and secondly, it is a picturesque town with some hidden treasures. On this particular trip, Paso Robles was actually our very first stop in California with our most northern destination being Fort Bragg. We had made reservations to go horseback riding in the forest and on the beach as a birthday gift for Kelly. Our second day was spent at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.

Picture of Paso Robles vineyards in California

We stayed downtown at Paso Robles Inn. The grounds are totally breathtaking with majestic oak trees, running streams, gardens, and Koi ponds, we were totally speechless. There is a hot tub and a pool which is small but there are plenty of tables and chairs. The City Park is directly across the street from Paso Robles Inn. There are lots of open areas where you can run your dog, play Frisbee, picnic or watch your kids play on the playground. Around the park are boutique shops, wine and olive tasting rooms, restaurants, wine bars and lounges. There was a festival and farmers market going on one evening while we were there. We had so much fun and so did Bugsy. Our rabbit, Bugsy, was the center of attention that night. He ran over people's blankets, under their chairs, and got petted continuously.

Picture of gazebo at Paso Robles park on Main Street

I am well known to my husband for taking back roads, alternate routes, detours, and whatever else you want to call it even when I am driving to the grocery store. So when I saw the map of Paso Robles I didn't even care about the gazillion wineries on the main drag of highway 46 west. All I saw was a loop of sorts where I could contort two days worth of wineries while getting in some California back country scenery. We looped all around the wineries which have proudly named themselves the Far Out Wineries for two days. It wasn't until day three that I realized there were hoards of people wine tasting in other parts of PR. The winery estates along the main road are exactly that, estates. They are absolutely full throttle gorgeous and there were crowds of tasters and shoppers at each and every one of them.

For us it was a bit uncomfortable because the service suffered even though all the sommeliers were trying their hardest to accommodate. However, the grounds and architecture of the wineries along highway 46 east and west are well worth your time to visit, taste, and take pictures. There are some fascinating trips to take just outside of PR like visiting Morro Bay and eating at any one of the delicious seafood restaurants. And north a bit on the Pacific Coast Highway you can tour the magnificent Hearst Castle.

Paso Robles wine tasting picture

Wild Coyote Estate Winery Paso Robles picture

Paso Robles has more than 170 wineries and 26,000 vineyard acres which means you can take a lot of trips to Paso Robles, and that is what I plan to do. As well as the one place that has nothing to do with wine that will keep bringing back, Pasolivo. It is a family owned olive ranch. They have over 45 acres of olive trees in which they handpick and press their olives into the best tasting olive oil ever. Don't pass this Far Out opportunity by while you are out tasting.

Another unforgettable journey is to the stunning hilltop on the property at Adelaida Cellars. Take the drive to the top and enjoy a picnic overlooking miles of hills, vineyards and orchards. Probably the craziest winery we have every been to was Clautiere Vineyard. Fancy a pink wig while you are tasting? or green or blue? It is a very fun place inside and out with fascinating sculpture on the grounds. Bugsy and I took some terrific pictures at Castoro Cellars among the plants and flours. The adobe tasting room, the landscaping and the panoramic views at Wild Coyote were very unique considering you don't see many Native American influences in these parts. And, of course, visit and tour the Firestone Vineyard.

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Eagle Crest Winery Paso Robles picture

We always keep the wine glass that we taste from, if it comes with the tasting that is. I am proud of all my wine glasses from the different wineries we have been to in California. When I serve wine at home I always pull out my wine tasting glasses. From the crazy big goblet of Gainey Vineyards in Santa Ynez to the subtly etched wine glass of Fess Parker in Los Olivos.

Clautiere Vineyard Paso Robles picture

Jason's thoughts - I plan to go back to Paso Robles in the next 24 months and spend an entire month there alternating scenic bike rides and small hikes with wine tasting days. With over 140 wineries this should make for spectacular fun.Kelly's thoughts - Try to visit PR on a week day so that you don't have the large crowds. I am smitten with Paso Robles and can't wait to go again. I ran a couple of times through downtown in which I found quite a few beautifully decorated buildings and porches and some funky stores. I would suggest taking bikes to get around. Don't miss the opportunity to drive to the coast from Paso Robles even if you aren't a beach person. It is close and the drive is fabulous and fun, find the bowling pins and balls near the reservoir.

Picture of wine tasting gone too far in Paso Robles California

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Travel Info - Paso Robles is along California's Central Coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco on highway 101. Only 22 miles from the coast just take the very scenic highway 46 west and you can experience day trips from Paso Robles wine country to Morro Rock at Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria and just a little further north on Highway 1 to Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Travel 127 miles south of Monterey or 123 miles north of Santa Barbara to visit Paso Robles California.

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