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Bugsy's funny bunny pictures

rabbit pictures - Famous east coast and west coast bunny here again with some new crazy funny photos that the boss just has to take and then show the world. I totally have no say in the matter either. Mommy's and their cameras, never ending. And just when I thought it was safe the boss and her husband goes out and finds some friends that just love to take picture of me too. Can I get a break? I will admit, though, I think they are funnier now than when I was put in these positions for my photo shoots. Let's start out with one of the most embarrassing pictures, and maybe you will forget about it later. Don't go spreading this around to your friends or on the internet. That's right, I might be a cute little fluffy snuggly bunny rabbit but I know all about the internet. I like to clean, sleep, and lick the boss's toes under her chair while she is putting up these embarrassing pictures of me on the internet.

picture of bunny burrito

picture of rabbit playing airplane

Above: I look so fat playing airplane. I only weigh 8.11 pounds, goodness that is fat. I thought I was working all those extra calories off by playing chase around the couch. I must have lost some muscle mass over the last year. I guess it is time to start working out with the boss in the morning.

picture of rabbit and croissant

Above: I will call him "croissant bunny".

picture of bunny airplane

Above: Mommy, you are having too much fun picking me up. Put me down so I can show that croissant whose the boss of it.

picture of puppy purse and bugsy

Above: What kind of joke is this, he's not real.

picture of bunny belly

Above: I can't believe my belly actually is being put on display again. I know I look good but come on, still a little embarrassing. Mom, have you been drinking wine again?

picture of funny bunny picnic

Above: This picture was put together by my friend, Mark. I see that he added a tattoo to the boss's husband. And I don't remember having a cloned. This delicious croissant was pretty quickly taken away from me. And my super cute friend Kiki back there loves a picnic with foods from the local health food store.

Click to go back to diary or check out these other places I have been with the boss and her husband such as Zion National Park and Glacier National Park. In certain circles I am known as the beach bunny both on the east coast and west coast of Florida and California.

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