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Spencer Hot Springs Nevada Travel Vacation

Outside Austin Nevada, 2-10 days, June  More Pictures  |  N39° 19.750'  W116° 51.178'  |  Elev 5,706

naked woman in outdoor hot tub sauna picture

Here my wife slips into a massive metal tub installed near one of the hottest springs. There is a water diverter so that when the "tub" gets too hot water can be diverted around and into the other natural ponds surrounding this area. In these other pools you can see the gold fish and sit in a more natural setting.


Don't forget to ask the locals how to get to the awesome Spencer hot springs sprinkled throughout the area or use the GPS we provide at the top of this page. To keep the secret places clean and not too crowded the locals discourage the installation of signs and probably remove them. It is better to ask around especially if the weather is getting cold otherwise you will never find these babies.

Some locals use the hot springs sans clothes so if you are put off by public nudity scout out the area first before indulging. We went in on a Tuesday morning so we had our privacy.

spencer hot springs picture with man made deck and rock seating installed

Picture above shows Spencer Hot Springs with man made deck and rock seating installed. Spencer Hot Springs can be an interesting place if you have the time to hit it just right. Sometimes wild parties break out, especially over holiday and on weekends. Then again you can wait until one of the springs opens up in the middle of the day on a Tuesday like we did and have the wild and beautiful place to yourself. And remember if you are Vanaboding here it is free for as long as you want to camp.

spencer hot springs natural setting image

Above Spencer hot springs picture shows one of the springs that has no man made "additions". Here you just step right in, soak away your worries, walk out and within 10 minutes you and your clothes are dry. It is nice because you can see someone coming 10 minutes before they get to you.

This area and the hundreds of thousands of completely accessible acres of wild country are what make Nevada truly spectacular. You can drive off Highway 50 nearly any place you want on some 200+ paved and dirt/gravel roads that take you 20, 30 and sometimes 100 miles into the wilderness. Here you have complete privacy, seclusion and can truly escape normal life. If you want peace and quiet the solitude here is quite special, especially during the dark starry nights. Vanaboding here you can easily stay a week at a time, move 20 miles each day, camp a week more, move again and work yourself North or South depending on the weather conditions.

spencer hot springs picture

Goldfish flourish here in the open desert keeping the water clean that runs off the springs and down into this man made catch system. Here you can get wet as well but the water is a little more murky so we stuck with the first drain of crystal clear water upriver.

In the John Scott campground about 15 miles from the springs there is running water, bathrooms, and trash bins plus clean organized camp sites complete with huge picnic tables and benches close to large steel in ground fire pits for camp fires and grilling.

desert highway picture shows the solitude and serious outdoors that you have all to yourself when van camping here

Above desert highway picture shows the solitude and serious outdoors that you have all to yourself when van camping here. This one is less than one mile from where you turn off to go to the desert hot springs. Photo below demonstrates the endless skies and mountain ranges that are part of nearly every day in the West where rainfall is much more rare than you think.

nevada desert mountatins picture vanabode here for free forever

Vanabode Special Notes: If you come here to Spencer Hot Springs during the very hottest months of July and August be prepared and do some weather checks because sleeping in the desert above 100 degrees is not fun. We got here in early June and the temperatures were a perfect 70 during the day and 50ish at night. I love this place. This is an awesome Vanabode outpost in Spencer Hot Springs Nevada.

Click Austin Nevada camping details for more information and pictures.

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