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Vanabode Book Excerpts

The Vanabode book covers a hybrid concept. It gives you not only the "how to do it" but also hundreds of pages of real life examples of "what I experienced while doing it". This book offers practical step by step plans for getting out of debt, making money while traveling, camping and living happily all over the country on about $20 a day. It also contains creative content that I hope conveys the beauty, peace and overwhelming feeling of fun that Vanaboding provides. Below are some excerpts from the book.

Romance Wasting describes what happens when you try to do something fun and romantic but because you do not have enough time to really settle in and experience everything at your destination, you instead come away feeling jaded, tired, and unfulfilled. We've all wasted the romance because we thought we could buy from a travel agency with money; what only extended periods of time can give us." from the Terms chapter

rocky beach image

Image above shows one of hundreds of beaches we visit nearly every year thanks to the Vanabode lifestyle. Image © Serghei Starus -

"Many Americans that follow the typical 'American Dream lie' do exactly this: work to buy then die. They end up with broken marriages, alienated children, crushed dreams, boredom, obesity, poor health, and a house to sleep away the pain in and further propagate the nightmare. Why does this happen? Because we think we can't live unless we have a big expensive house to do it in. Baloney!"
from the Where Do We Live? chapter

"The hair on the back of my neck stood up, my hands began to shake, adrenaline shot through me and then I saw it. A cold black cat frozen stiffly mid-launch in the armchair by the door. His eyes were brilliant yellow, completely dilated and stretched wide open as if by a really bad taxidermist."
from the Sleep chapter

From the bestseller the 4 Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferris; "Being bound to one place will be the new defining feature of the middle class. The New Rich are defined by more than simple cash - unrestricted mobility." If this is not the defining power of Vanabode, I don't know what is." Vanabode

"You must prioritize your pleasure in order to have fun because the world is too complicated and our lives are too busy to expect fun to take care of itself. Here's how. . ." from the Fun chapter

"Don't have the time to do anything you want to do? You get rid of time constraints by getting rid of your job. You get rid of your job by getting rid of your debt. You get rid of your debt by not buying things you don't need. You stop buying things you don't need when you have the time to have more fun without them. Problem solved. Period. Done. Many of you have what you think are one hundred other reasons why you can't do what you want to do. So, read on for the practical step by step plans that you can take to get what you want out of life as far as school, work, money, debt and fun time go. I promise when you are finished with this book, you will have a solid plan for living debt free and traveling at will."
from the We Never Own Anything chapter

"I started tearing up. A grown man driving down the road, my wife asleep in the back, and here I am crying. A big truck just passed me with hundreds of chickens jammed in hundreds of cages. They hunkered down against the wind blowing through the open cages, sending their pretty white feathers backwards. They were so scared on their trip down the highway and could not figure out which way to face. Many laid eggs. They lay smashed, yolks dripping down from one cage to another, yellow tears joining mine, dripping along the way." from the Fun chapter

"Here's how to cook delicious hot meals without fuel, electricity or fire (for free)." from Food chapter

"The best thing is it is sustainable: you can happily, safely and affordably do this for many years or even for the rest of your life." from the Where Do We Live? chapter

"The skinny French tourist twisted up backwards to kiss the hanging flower from beneath while her girlfriend snapped a picture. She adjusted the flower by hand, arranging it's delicate petals symmetrically, not knowing that by doing so she had killed it." from the Destinations Guide Pages

"The blackberry vines tugged at my pants begging me to taste their fruit. Unsure, I had our bunny Bugsy try a berry and he spit it out. Too early, not ripe yet." from the Destinations Guide Pages

"This lifestyle is about cost reduction and the enhancement of your life by spending time living a fun life rather than spending money trying to buy a fun life." from the Make Money chapter

"One time in Florida we climbed up into a lifeguard stand 12 feet off the ground and made out under the full moon. Waves were crashing all around us. To this day I can still hear the gentle hiss of the bubbles collapsing as the water receded. The air was salty and cool. The sand and our bodies glowed neon under the full moon." from the Destinations Guide Pages

arches national park rock picture

We took this picture in the waning hours of a spring day in Arches National Park, Utah. There are thousands of acres of the craziest formations, incredible easy scenic hikes, and the camping is just divine. When you Vanabode through a park like this you get to take your time and really take it all in. I recommend 3-9 days here to really get a feel for the atmosphere. You will feel like you have been transported onto another planet in another galaxy.

"This is the real key to this lifestyle. It frees up your most precious resource, your time, and your money, so you can do the things you really want to do. So you can really live." Vanabode chapter

The 9 mile round trip hike through heavy forest was a real treat except for not being able to walk upright the next day." from the Fun chapter

"I found a secret NASA document that proves for every year past the age of 55 you work the average person loses TWO years of their life. Work kills! Here's proof." from Jason chapter

"My Dad bought the worlds smallest camper, then put an overstuffed full size lazy boy recliner in it. He wanted me to see his camper so I tried to get in but there was no room. I had to sit in the chair to look at the campers interior. I suggested he take the chair our so two people could fit inside. He said "no way man I like that chair, plus I fiberglassed the back door shut to stop the leaks so I can't take it out anyway". I pictured him, in a campsite somewhere in Florida, in the pouring rain, kicked back in his recliner, bible on his lap, with a credit card bill as a place holder in his hand." from Dad's Eulogy

"To Vanabode is to be on an adventure without much sacrifice. You can have all the essentials that make a life enjoyable: excellent food, laughter, fun, big romantic adventures, healthy sex, protection from the weather, and a good nights sleep at very little cost. The best thing is it is sustainable: you can happily, safely and affordably Vanabode for many years or even for the rest of your life."
from the Where Do We Live? chapter

"People often wrap their entire life around the acquisition of a dry wall box to sleep in."
from the Protection from the Elements chapter

When you die nothing you ever owned matters much and everything you ever did does. So if you like what you are reading get a copy of the book today and let the fun begin! If you are unsure, please contact me and tell me what it is you are looking for. I'll be glad to help.

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