how to live and travel the world from your van

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Vanabode Book Provides Important Travel Information and Answers These Questions

New updated THIRD EDITION version of Vanabode just released now includes 60% more pictures and 22% more content PLUS ALL the following:
Updated information on acquiring a free cell phone with free monthly minutes.
Links to new job listing sites.
Free Lifetime Exclusive password protected access to the Vanabode forum.
Online reservation system for renting parking places short and long term.
Links to new offgrid communities where you can trade labor, or skills for living quarters, food and living expenses like free parking, and entertainment.
Private list of small farms looking for "farm sitters" where you get paid to park and hang around.
Updated gun carry law information.
Links to climate resources for all data on where you will be camping for every month of every year.
Links to special "spring finder" where you can get free fresh pure spring water on tap.
Links to new "farmers market finder" tool shows you where all the fresh farmers markets and local only road side eateries are through out the United States.
Master "host list" displays hidden communities all over the United States that welcome you to park and live in exchange for a little labor or expertise.
Updated listing of free or super cheap places to stay long term.
New cooking systems.
New powerful philosophical points.
New Protection From the Elements chapter
New How to Disappear chapter
New Laundry While Traveling chapter
New "instant hot water for showers" section with pictures

Solutions to the following and more has always been included in the book.
Learn how to cook food for free without fire, fuel, or electricity, from parking lots to national parks?
Do you know how to reclaim 3 to 5 hours every day for yourself?
Do you know how to live for free forever on over 7 million total acres of land in 14 states?
Do you know how to vacation for months in big cities like Vegas and San Francisco on $20 a day?
Do you know how to protect your marriage against boredom and financial arguments?
Do you know how to become "invisible" and escape stalkers, creditors, thieves, and mean people?
Do you know how to start a new life with filled with adventure, fun and romance on very little money?
Do you know how to sleep in your own comfortable bed every night, eat good every day, have a great sex life, be safely protected from the elements, while traveling and doing so without a regular job?
Learn how to live off the grid without expensive solar, wind or generator equipment or real estate?
Save $7,500 a year when you only make $8 an hour and have all your needs met?
Do you know how to take your spouse hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, boating, surfing, skiing, or traveling and out of the grind for a month or two at a time and not go broke doing it?
Do you know how to take a warm bath in winter and a cool bath in summer without a bathroom?
Do you know how to run your computer, cellular phone, television, and charge your camera batteries while off the grid without a generator or source of AC power.
Do you know how to have your electrical needs met without expensive complex solar systems?
Eliminate rent or mortgage payments, homeowners insurance, electrical bills, water, sewage and garbage collection fees, home owners association fees, cable/Internet bills, property taxes?
Do you know how to camp nearly anywhere without anyone caring or hassling you and do it for FREE?
Do you know what weapons and security devices to carry to stay safe by day or night?
Do you know what navigational devices will ensure you never get lost even in an emergency?
Do you know how to get your mail regardless of where you are without changing your address?
Do you have a complete list of things to take with you for a month or year long camping trip?
Do you know how to travel long distances and never have to pay for or hassle with hotels?
Do you know how to get work when you do NOT want to stay in the same place every year?
Do you know how to enjoy a fun adventurous life filled with new experiences on minimum wage?
Do you know where to find employers that have no problem with you working only 2-3 months?
Did you know that for every year past the age of 55 you work you die an average of two years earlier?

Vanabode answers very important and targeted camping, travel, and budgetary questions. I don't waste your time with broad vague concepts. Instead I give you "how do I live this life NOW" answers to your questions. All information comes from specific real-life solutions hundreds of Vanaboders including my wife and I have worked out and proven work.

camping cat picture

Some girl sent me this one of her cat she travels with. I know it looks like animal cruelty but it's not. She says the cat likes the marker and she thinks it feels like it is being tickled...kinda funny.

All Vanabode customers are given the following FOREVER.
FREE direct email support with the author, Jason Odom answering your travel questions.

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