how to live and travel the world from your van

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If You are on this List You Need This Book

1) Are you so bored that you don't feel like you're living at all?
2) Household expenses so great that you will never get ahead or get to do anything fun?
3) Like to happily camp, travel or live anywhere you want on $20 a day?
4) Retired but want to keep your house and travel alot, cheaply and stress free?
5) Do you want to disappear, leave your past behind, become invisible, escape stalkers/creditors?
6) Want to downsize from a large RV, saving money and time while adding destinations?
7) Do you have children you would like to travel and easily camp with?
8) Want a year off work to write a book, recover from a tragedy, change your life?
9) Want to live cheaply and have fun without a house to manage?
10) Are you a tourist coming to the U.S. for an extended month long or year long holiday?
11) Are you a survivalist who wants to live off the grid?
12) Want to play live Poker in Vegas and California, live the dream, grow your bankroll?
13) Suffer from a chronic fatal disease but want to enjoy life to the fullest before you go?
14) Heading for divorce, blaming your marriage instead of your life for the boredom killing you?
15) Moving and want to investigate a new area cheaply without commiting to a lease?
16) Want to quit your job and run your own business like a web site or a food truck?
17) Just graduated from college and want to live it up or live cheap before you take the first big job?
18) Approaching a financial disaster but want to live happily and retain your dignity?
19) Are you a displaced worker who is struggling financially due to job loss?
20) Homeless but want to live a safe, adventurous, fun, dignified life?

vanabode food choices

Photo shows what we eat when we aren't enjoying sweet little grilled ribeyes or butter cream broiled lobster chops. Traveling all over in the Vanabode lifestyle allows you to find, afford and purchase high quality, organic, specialty foods sold in farmers markets like the ones shown above, fresh grapefruit, heirloom and grape tomatoes, cold snap pees, avocado, dates, olive oils, and both goat and sheep cheeses. If you Vanabode you will eat better than you ever have. We just had a great meal WITHOUT the expense or hassle of a mortgage and house, or a dishwasher, or an electric bill, or a kitchen to clean and cool, etc.

serene morning seaside in Oregon on a super cheap super fun Vanabode trip

Photo shows a serene morning we spent at a secluded cove on the Oregon coast. There is no match for being able to spend days in place like this during the week when everyone else is working (instead of coming on the weekend and fighting the crowds). This is just one of the many advantages to being free and on the road Vanabode style.

Looking at pretty pictures on the Internet is a poor substitute for real travel. Do not be fooled. I don't care how much time you spend online getting ideas, it will never give you the incredible rush of new, exciting, destination driven travel, in the real world. You have to experience it with all your senses. Buy Vanabode now and feel the rush today. You will not be disappointed.

buy vanabode book

click to buy Vanabode which shows you how to happily live, travel and camp in your van forever on $20 a day

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