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Camping Pictures

When I'm out having fun I don't want to hassle with photography; HOWEVER, some people just don't understand just how awesome it is out there, so pictures usually tell a better story than I can write. Vanaboding gives you the time to be a lot of places for a long time, without worrying about a job or having to make $1,000 a week just to pay the bills. If any of these pictures from 21+ years of traveling inspire you, check out the book. This is the smartest, cheapest, fastest way to improve your life immediately.

vanabode camping pictures united states

Image above shows samples from various Vanabode camping trips: Joshua Tree National Park, microscopic flower image from NASA research at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Las Vegas, Grand Teton National Park, California Coast, Virginia Beach's Neptune Cast, Kelly and Bugsy, Red Rock Casino Pool, Venetian Gondolas in Vegas shops, Florida's Beaches, Bugsy our bunny at a Key West condo, LA skyline, Rat Bike in Sturgis South Dakota, Museum Art, Jason and the Alien in California, Fitness Model at a trade show.

Our Sample Vanabode Pictures of Trips
Places YOU too can visit on $20 a day

valley of fire state park red mountains picture

Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada only an hour outside of Vegas.

austin nevada place to eat picture on a vanabode trip

Austin Nevada at N39° 27.498'  W116° 59.755'  |  Elev 7,209

tomoka state park sunset over the water picture

Tomoka State Park in Daytona Beach, Florida.

chicago skycraper at night picture

The view from our friends condo in Chicago at night. Vanabode allows for both big city travel and raw off grid camping adventures. You choose your destination. You choose how long to stay.

austin nevada camping image from Vanabode

The John Scott campground outside Austin has running water, bathrooms, and trash bins and is "free". This is a good base camp if you want to hit the hot springs for a few days.

resting in the free super heated hot springs tub in the desert outside Austin Nevada.

Picture shows me relaxing in one of the MANY free outdoor hottubs you find out in the desert (we will tell you where to find them of course). Some of the hot springs are left in their natural state while others like the one above are rerouted to fill big tubs for more control. On moonlit nights in the colder months these hot springs are mind blowing fun.

bicycle four wheels

You will see some crazy fun sites when you travel long periods of time. This old dude we met in California traveled on $20 a day also....he just spent most of his money on dinners at lodges and diners.

church in washington dc  while on vanabode trip

Massive beautiful sanctuary in Washington DC. We had the place to ourselves.

YES that is a fresh water waterfall coming from the mountains and spilling on to the beach, then streaming into the sea. Stunning place and all detailed in the Free Destinations Guide that comes with the book.

arches hike in the national park

Parking IN these arches and hiking and camping for days made such a big impact on us. Mornings were astonishing when the early sun hit the rocks at such sharp angles.

When Vanaboding the California coast it always surprised me how many places you can hang out for free for days with virtually no crowds ever.

quoddy head state park

Quoddy Head State Park in Maine offers incredible views, hiking, and romantic adventure. Here, my lovely wife Kelly shows just how beautiful you can be even while traveling 9,000 miles for 18 weeks straight. We never paid for or hassled with one single hotel the entire trip.

Cape Flattery in Washington can be enjoyed for up to two weeks before you run out of places to see and explore. The area has first class deck trails out over cliffs that terminate into deserted rugged wilderness areas that you can have all to yourself. We hiked down to some secret beach fronts. Unreal.

Of course we spend a lot of time in big cities too. Art museums, galleries, big city parks, zoos, fancy libraries and state buildings, as well as big annual festivals make Vanaboding unbeatable. While everyone else is paying hundreds of dollars a night to sleep in a strangers bed in a hotel room we are snug asleep in our own bed for free (with no check in and check out times either).

deception in washington vanabode

Deception Pass state park in Washington was nearly deserted when we were there. So much gorgeous country to enjoy...why? Because we can afford the time AND the money to do it because we Vanabode.

deception state park image
walgren lake in nebraska camping lakefront

Above: Walgren Lake in Nebraska offered comfortable easily accessible free waterfront remote camping with very few others around. We saw deer, cows, mice, fish, birds, bugs, and double rainbows.

The drives out west are astonishing. No traffic. Pull over anywhere you want, and do anything you want, for as long as you want, for free. Use the Vanabode book to determine the months that are best.

fort myers fourth of july beach picture

Fort Myers fourth of July beach picture. When you want crowds you can have them. When you don't, you have the freedom to escape anywhere else in the country.

Big bull bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the South side

Above: Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the South side from our Western Tours and the National Bison Range in Montana both had many bull bison and plenty of deserted trails and lands to explore.

We do a lot of free wine tastings at big estates out in California and other states for fun.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan on Vanabode trip

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan is extraordinary in the summer. We were here as part of a 9,000 mile, 18 week, East Coast Big City road trip completed in 2014 on less than $20 a day for food, gas and lodging.

We visit EVERY farmers market, flea market, fresh food roadside stand type place when we travel.

We saw these awesome street performers in Venice Beach California. As good as the highly paid Las Vegas performers for sure.

Lake view in Apgar Village in Glacier

Above: Lakefront during sunset in Apgar Village in Glacier National Park, host to stores, hotels, camping, picnic areas, and limited bathrooms for the public. It's clean, fun, cheap, and easy to Vanabode here.

I play poker so we go to casinos like this one in Reno for free fun, pool parties, and good cheap food.

Here we are van camping for free outside Las Vegas in the winter on BLM land near Red Rock.

pamela anderson stallone

When you have the time to explore and go where you want when you want, it becomes easy to see celebrities or other famous stuff. Here we hung with Pamela Anderson and Rocky in Las Vegas at one of the many free parties.

Glacier National Park's Avalanche Lake

Above: Glacier National Park's Avalanche Lake is an astonishing find behind a 2+ mile hike through fairly easy terrain in mostly shady forest. The middle of Glacier was on fire when we were here, so we explored the Northern and Southern areas.

winnemucca nevada picture

Out west the Vanabode book explains how to live for almost nothing while having tons of fun and freedom.

woman in hat model picture

We make money while traveling (makes life fun and easy). There are MANY different ways to finance your travels and they are detailed in the book. Here my lovely wife poses for a photoshoot in South Florida.

motorcycle model picture

Here my wife graciously posed for a motorcycle brochure I was developing. Photography, design, artwork, music, film, acting, performance art, crafts, etc are fun ways to make the money while traveling. In the book I show the more traditional methods as well, like how to find seasonal work at hundreds of national parks and private outdoor companies like white water rafting or hiking guides. I include the links TO the sites that do the actual hiring as well.

washington coast image

We spend a lot of quiet time near the water fishing, sleeping, swimming, and snorkeling.

The book comes with links to hundreds of DESTINATION pages found in our online guide. If you are looking for an FREE SAMPLE Vanabode Destination Guide Page CLICK HERE. Vanabode shows you HOW to do it, not just where to go.

Invest in yourself with the Vanabode book, then you can see exactly what you need to do to free yourself for the rest of your life. You will NOT be constrained to do the things I have done. Instead you will gain the knowledge and a plan to do what YOU want to do, forever, and take great camping pictures too!


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