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Bugsy bunny pictures

Bugsy Odom world famous Mini Rex rabbit. Hi, I'm Bugsy and I am a Mini Rex rabbit. The following pictures tell the story of my life with the boss and the boss' husband, what kind of pet food I like, and what kind of pet cage I like. But first, a little history of my breed. The Mini Rex is from Holland and is the result of crossing a Dwarf Rex buck with an undersized Lynx Rex doe. The Mini Rex grows to 3.5-4.5 lbs. They are well-muscled with good shoulder and hip widths. Their ears stand straight and erect. The main feature of Rex rabbits is their lustrous appearing fur that has a springy feel when depressed. The fur has earned the Mini Rex the name "velveteen rabbit."

Picture of rabbit in trance with harness

Picture of Mini Rex rabbit

To some I am known as "Nubsy". The tale of my nickname would make you cringe. As you can see from my left paw I won and that is all you need to know.

Picture of boss holding rabbit

This is the boss. She has just released me from the bunny burrito while I was getting my nails clipped. Don't I look handsome now. I let the boss hold me because it makes her happy but I really don't like it much. I get a bunny treat afterwards though and that is all I think about while this nonsense is taking place. Se la vie!

Picture of rabbit in trance with harness

The boss puts me in all types of vulnerable positions. I make it difficult for her by kicking with my freakishly strong hind quarters, but as you can see I am overcome and down for the count. This is me in a trance. I only stay out for about 30 seconds but the ecstasy I feel afterwards is unspeakable. Yes, I know, I hear it every time they look at this picture, Bugsy coma. Ha, ha, ha, very funny. I got a treat though so who got the last laugh? Once the harness is on and I am done posing I get to go out for a walk in the park where I can run and jump and eat grass and lay under a picnic table or tree. Visit Fort Myers Beach to see more of our beach travels.

picture of rabbit eating cantaloupe   picture of rabbit standing guard in the rv

Left: Ahhh, cantaloupe. The boss really knows what I like. Right: I guard the RV and let the boss and the boss' husband know of any danger. Sometimes I hear them laughing while I am trying to protect our territory. Why laughest ye?

Picture of rabbit snoozing

Dang, my tummy's big. Goodness, I hope my panties aren't showing.

Picture of guard rabbit

Poser. Here is another site with great rabbit pictures from Library of Pets.

Picture of rabbit with cotton candy    Picture of rabbit relaxing

The boss' husband really likes to tease me with the good stuff like cotton candy from a famous Las Vegas restaurant. Butt shot.

Picture of rabbit snoozing

Did you have to get so close? Is that drool? Goodness, very unflattering rabbit picture.

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