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Camping Sun Protection

Skin care is more important when Vanabode traveling all over the country because you will be out experiencing much more of the great outdoors than most people do staying at home and going to the 9-5 job. The Vanabode book shows you how to protect against skin cancer, dry skin, and other problems while enjoying our beautiful country.

skin cancer removed from face picture

I had that spot that was half the size of a pea removed from my face and when they tested it they said I had basil cell carcinoma which is a slow growing minor skin cancer mainly caused from exposure to the sun. So I had to go back for surgery and this is how I ended up.

6 years ago I had a small patch removed which left no scar and so I have been wearing a hat, sunblock and long sleeved white shirts when out hiking ever since. The doctor said the damage I have showing up now in 2009 was caused many many years ago maybe as long as 15. My advice is simple. DON”T BE STUPID AND LAZY LIKE I WAS! Do NOT underestimate what is happening when you get a TAN whether at the beach in Florida or a pool party in Vegas! Who cares what color your skin is when you are having 2 inch gashes sliced open on your face by a surgeon with chances of infection, intense heavy pain, and thousands of dollars in cost! Kelly’s surfer friend lost his eye from the same kind of skin damage so be careful!

coast line along the 17 mile private pay to get in section of California near  Carmel by the Sea  picture

Picture shows some of the coastline along the 17 mile private section of California near Carmel by the Sea. We had a romantic time here eventually falling asleep on the beach. Once again when out on the beach wear the protection outlined in the book.

Keep safe and never underestimate the importance of proper camping sun protection.

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