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Poker Bankroll Strategy

This page covers only the issues that are of particular importance to poker players wishing to increase their win rate by protecting bankroll, preventing burnout, and having fun while playing poker often or full time. This page does not repeat the very important information found in all the other chapters of the Vanabode book. Poker players if you have skipped to this page go back and read ALL the other general topic chapters in the Vanabode book before commencing travel. Otherwise you will not be able to pull this off.

If you are an average to good poker player I will show you how to travel all over America to exciting places like Las Vegas and California; and how to live the professional poker players dream while preserving and growing your bankroll. Forget playing online. Get to the thousands of live casinos NOW using my lifestyle cost reduction strategies (means you keep your bankroll on the table mulitiplying your money and leverage instead of wasting it on living expenses and being forced to play smaller more unprofitable stakes).

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I am giving poker players a proven plan to make money by playing poker in the most profitable poker rooms in the United States. I am giving you proven strategies for travel so you can live the dream while preserving your bankroll. This plan takes into account the Essentials of a Great Life: excellent food, great sleep, good personal hygiene, healthy sex, and protection from the elements. This provides maximum profits for long sustainable periods of time. I have played Las Vegas poker tournaments and cash games for months at a time using the Vanabode strategies.

Many have quit their boring jobs and gone on the Vanabode road only to discover they make just as much money playing poker as they did at their day job. The differences are: they have more fun doing it, and their savings grows because their overhead is next to nothing. What does this mean?

Stay home and die broke and bored; OR, travel and have fun getting rich and famous.

Nearly every state now has live legal poker rooms run from clubs, race tracks, casinos, Indian reservations, and more. There are actually more poker rooms in California now than in Las Vegas. I have the most experience here in Vegas so I will give specific information on gaming this city and you can apply the techniques to every other place you choose to play. Use my infamous website written by locals, to get real information for tourists and visitors on hotels, casinos, night clubs, bars, pool parties, outdoor activities, tours, free activities, weather and more.

First understand the math behind maintaining and growing your bankroll.

Typical Scenario: You, the poker player live in Cape Canaveral Florida, work a 9-5 job, pay for a mortgage, homeowners insurance, hoa fees, real estate taxes, car payments, electricity, cable television, water bill, phone bill and groceries. You spend all of your take home pay of $3,600 a month paying bills. You have saved $400 to poker with. You drive to Melbourne Florida every weekend to play poker at the race track and win on average one $100 big bet on Saturday and one on Sunday. At the end of the year your bankroll has increased from $400 to $10,800. You have spent 100% of your free time pulling this off. Your bankroll has increased while your personal relationship with others has completely disintegrated. Between working 5 days a week and playing poker the other 2, you have no free time for anyone else. You're richer, but burned out.
Disadvantages: your life has deteriorated into shear boredom, your girlfriend has left, and your only fun days are poker weekend wins. Burnout is eminent, your game is suffering because of it, and the locals are getting to know you so your win rate will decrease next year. Even though your bankroll has increased you cannot win more by entering a bigger stakes game because the betting limits are limited for the poker house in your area.
Advantages: a bankroll increase to $10,800.

Full Time Poker Scenario: You the poker player, live and travel to new and exciting poker havens like Southern California and Las Vegas with your wife. You have no job. You start out with the same $400 poker bankroll. You play poker 25 days a month and win on average about one $100 big bet each day. You spend $900 a month maintaining the Vanabode lifestyle as explained in the Budget chapter. This leaves a monthly profit of $1,600. At the end of the year your bankroll has increased from $400 to $19,200. You have plenty of time to spend with your wife who is having lots of fun as well, life is good, and you feel healthy.
Disadvantages: none
Advantages: you get to live a completely satisfied life with lots of poker playing combined with lots of fun time in exciting places. You get tax rebates of up to $2,000 each for your wife and yourself for earned income credit (many mid level poker players do not report their poker winnings so like others that are paid under the table, they are rewarded by the government for being poor). Now that your bankroll is bigger you can enter bigger stakes games. Your one big bet per day becomes a $300 bet rather than a $100 bet. So, without increasing your win rate of one big bet per day you are able to double or triple your actual profit per day of poker. Because you are happy, and Vanaboding is sustainable, your bankroll will continue to increase exponentially every year. Whenever you feel like locals are getting a handle on your game you simply move to another venue so your win rate is never threatened by familiarity.
You have a bankroll increase to $19,200

Part Time Poker Scenario: You the poker player move to a different new exciting poker destination like Southern California or Las Vegas every year along with your wife. You get a low commitment minimum wage job, and your only expenses are maintaining the Vanabode lifestyle at about $30 a day as explained in the Budget chapter. You start out with the same $400 poker bankroll. You play poker 25 days a month and win on average about one $100 big bet each day. You spend $900 a month maintaining the Vanabode lifestyle out of your $1,100 bring home pay from your part time job. This enables you to save about $200 a month from work plus enjoy a monthly poker profit of $2,500 . At the end of the year your bankroll has increased from $400 to $30,400 and you have a personal savings of $2,400 from your day job.
Disadvantages: working 8 hours a day and playing 8 hours a day limits personal activity time to 2 days per week only. If your partner is on your schedule, and is okay with 2 days off per week, this is not a problem.
Advantages: you get 2 days a week with your partner for fun activities other than poker in exciting cities. You have a bankroll increase of $30,000. Now that your bankroll is bigger you can enter bigger stakes games. Your one big bet per day becomes a $300 bet rather than a $100 bet. So, without increasing your win rate of one big bet per day, you are able to double or triple your actual profit per day. Because you are happy, and Vanaboding is sustainable, your bankroll will continue to increase exponentially every year. Once a year you simply move to another city so your win rate is never threatened by familiarity if locals catch on to your game.
You have a bankroll increase to $30,400

You can choose any scenario you wish, come up with your variation or employ some version of all of them depending on your timing. I personally love the Full Time Poker Scenario because it provides plenty of money for me while affording me the opportunity to goof off a lot. I find that my poker game is at its best and I am able to pull the greatest profits when I am eating good, socializing, mixing up my day with lots of fun activities, and hanging with my wife a lot. I am not a workaholic so this version is perfect for me.

Now I will give you my particular methods and information on Las Vegas. Combine this with the other chapters in this book and you can game and win in any location in the United States.

See my Las Vegas Poker Room phone numbers list here.
Use these phone numbers for all poker rooms in Vegas that are worth playing to get updated information on each casinos poker room, number of tables, daily tournament schedules, specials like the World Series of Poker events, buy in minimums, poker games offered, comps availability, and more. This information changes daily so if you like to plan ahead this is how to do it.

Sign up for every casinos players club card where you do ANY kind of gaming. Some casinos use a card for poker and a separate card for other games. By doing this you will get comps for free food, free tournament entries, free show tickets, and free hotel stays. After playing for a week and staying in your Van it is a nice break to spend a night or two free of charge in a world class casino resort room. Use your players card every time you game and eventually you will get free meals, room comps and big discounts.

Make sure you have a very accurate measurement of exactly how high the highest point on your van is so you know which parking garages you can get into and which you must stay out of. If you choose the vehicle I recommend described in the Van chapter you will not be very limited. We wrote the 7'2" as our safe number for height right on the dash so we could see it when we are pulling into a new place. We do not go into any place with a clearance lower than 7'3". Longer and taller vehicles are not fun to park in big cities.

Las Vegas weather is nearly perfect for Vanaboding from late September to April. With so little rain and so few storms the key to camping in Vegas is temperature. You simply park in a covered parking lot, nearly every casino has one, and play poker during the day when it is hotter and sunny. When you return at night the van is cool and you can either sleep right there or drive somewhere more scenic. I rarely sleep in the parking garages any more since they can be noisy, but I have. They are patrolled by armed security so make sure you employ the tactics in the Discretion chapter while doing this.

Las Vegas weather and that of most of the far western states is quite surprising to those who have not experienced it. With day temperatures ranging from 80 to 110 degrees in the warmer months the nights are quite comfortable in the 50 to 60 degree range. In the hot months of June, July and August it is not feasible to sleep in the van unless you drive to nearby Mount Charleston at night where it is 20 degrees cooler. It is a one hour drive out of town but scenic and adventurous so it makes it fun. In the winter months you can actually snow ski, snowboard, and hike in the snow as well.

Of course if you plan on staying in Vegas during the super hot summer months you can stay at one of the RV parks for about $400 a month. That covers your pool use, electricity for a portable air conditioner, showers, receiving mail, Internet access, etc. If the money is flowing I recommend staying at the more expensive Circus Circus as they are right on the strip and you could then just walk to your casino poker games or take the city bus for $2 a day.

Las Vegas has thousands of safe places to park overnight including over 30,000 parking spots associated with 24 hour a day casinos. There are hundreds of open neighborhoods where you can park right on the street just like you do in California. This is the easiest big high class city I have ever spent 6 months Vanaboding in. You will not be disappointed.

The key to Vanaboding the Vegas poker scene is taking advantage of the most incredible resorts, pool parties, nightclubs, restaurants, and entertainment in the world while using the strategies in the book to keep your overhead to a minimum. Seriously, when is the last time you played poker all night, won $300 and then participated in a 3,000 person 10 acre pool party? This city makes it easy to do it all on a small budget too with so much of the casinos offerings supplemented by gambling. The meals and fun are always cheaper and of higher quality than you will get anywhere else in the world. When you are living like this it is very easy to play your best poker.

red rock casino pool scene for poker players

There is no substitute for Las Vegas! Do you have any idea how much fun you can have here? Vanabode shows you how to get free access to the top night clubs and swimming pools here, plus how to get free food, showers and show tickets. Poker players live here on $20 a day and make tons of money hitting both loose cash games and DAILY freeroll tournaments.

I guarantee you the Vanabode lifestyle will give you the only opportunity you will ever have to live big on $20 a day - that's everything, food, lodging, and transportation. If you want the full story check out the Travel homepage but keep in mind it covers ALL the benefits for all the different kinds of people that use my book, not just poker players. Even though some of the info may not pertain directly to you as a poker enthusiast, it will all be helpful in attaining the freedom you need to do whatever you want. That is a proven fact. Go here to read more or get started now to build your poker bankroll strategy.

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Matt from Pennsylvania

"I bounce back and forth between Las Vegas and the massive poker rooms in California (5 hours drive). I have made plenty of money in the cash games but the real key is not spending a lot to do it. His book shows you how to keep your bankroll intact and growing rather than wasting it on living expenses"
Steve out of Orlando

" the United States forever on $20 a day. Come on, I thought, who is he kidding? Well I'm not skeptical any longer. I am on my fourth month out west and I still pinch myself every morning to make sure it's real" Wally Jackson currently in Utah

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