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Rebuild Trailer page 15

RV trailer repair covers rebuilding the project travel trailer, plumbing, wiring

rebuild travel trailer picture

The kitchen: Got the plumbing all done here - sink in - just have to do the pantry on the right and the shelves underneath.

Fridge vent: Viewed straight up from the bottom. See the tarp on the roof?

Light switches added: Viewed from inside the fridge cabinet.

Front upper bunk: Still being used as a catchall for all my tools, screws and anything else I need to store somewhere.

Kitchen overhead: I built in a AM/FM/CD/Cassette into the overhead cabinet. Still have to run an antenna through the roof. Going to get an electric extendable.

Close-up of the stereo: See the little rocker switch on the right? That is to simulate the ignition in the car - Its a car stereo.

Ceiling in entry area: Similar to last one, but you can see the door and one forward speaker - I put in 4 total - might add a sub-woofer later - maybe....

Entry/micro shelf: Finished micro shelf and one of my additions. The light above the door and a switch within reach from the outside. No more fumbling in the dark for a light inside.

Corner of bed: And water pump switch. Due to the funny angle of the bed, I have to get a custom mattress made. The old one was ruined by the leaky roof.

Front to back: I got as far forward as I could and put the camera on the floor. Ain't digital great? I like this picture.

Fridge cabinet: Note the sealant around the various places inside the cabinet. That is to ensure no fumes come in to the living area.

Two identical fridges: The good one is on the left. I bought a parts fridge and robbed the 12 volt system from it and converted mine to a 3-way from a 2-way.

Fridge conversion: Back of the units in the middle of the 3-way conversion.

Fridge: Close up of the controls as I convert it.

Stove/range hood area: I found a used stove in better shape than mine. The stove was heavily water damaged and the range hood is destroyed - have not found a replacement yet.

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All work, text, and photographs courtesy of Bob Hanover
Rebuild Project - 1981 Citation 25' Travel Trailer


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