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Amazon Workcamper Camperforce Jobs

Having worked dozens of the opportunities listed on the make money while traveling page, in 2017 we decided to try Amazon's Camperforce program for workampers. UPDATE - Here is our complete AMAZON work camping road trip overview of 2018. We wanted to show our readers and friends one of the many ways you can support yourself while exploring the country. Amazon paid us decent hourly wages, plus overtime every week, and gave us frequent optional work days or days off, free meals in the breakroom every 8-10 days or so, drawings for gift cards daily, free clothes like tshirts and hats, paid time off, and of course a completely free full hookup campsite at our choice of campground.

amazon camping jobs

We started October 2, 2017 and ended on our last day of December 21, 2017 in time to drive back to Florida for the Christmas season. Florida as you know is paradise in the winter. We paid Kentucky state income tax (that I am told we can get refunded somehow) along with normal federal income tax and a special "county" tax. The food in Campbellsville was very good for the price, with buffets in the $7 to $8 range, good Japanese steak house, Lees famous chicken $4 box, an incredible Layo Tacos truck parked near the library on Mondays serving the best $2 steak tacos plus fresh corn and chicken tamals, and the best dry pork ribs I have ever eaten (out of about 25+ states) at Brothers.

amazon camperforce

Above: Green River Stables, the campground we stayed at the entire 3 month work committment.

stables campground

Above: Picture of Green River Stables from the sky shows walking proximity to horse, hiking and biking trails of the Green River Lake State Park. Yes we hiked miles into the deep forest across spring fed streams and down to the edge of the massive clear lake right from the campground. Admission to the state park is free and we visited driving our Vanabode there a dozen times during the season. Amazon also pays for camp sites at the state park for those working in the Camperforce program.

green river stables saloon

Above: Picture of Green River Stables famous saloon and dance floor. Adjacent to the bathrooms and showers and bar, the saloon provides a welcome respite from all things weather related. Comfortable chairs and tables, good internet connection, televisions and some cooking appliances, plus room for the occassional meeting, karaoke, or dog day, make this a great place to hang. Owners Darrell and Erin Wise were always around when we needed them and very pleasant to work with.

Amazon jobs offered are mostly picking (finding an item on the shelf and putting it in a bin), packing, dock work (moving heavy boxes around), and stowing (putting items in bins so they can be picked and shipped quickly). As Amazon will tell you, the work is hard, the hours long, and the environment tough (loud noises inside warehouse, with dim lighting, over hard concrete, with stale air circulated overhead with gigantic fans), so be prepared to work if you accept the job with them. The good pay, paid campsite, and fantastic management and staff made working at Amazon for the three months completely doable for us. We had fun, made some money (with overtime we cleared over $5,000 each after taxes), enjoyed a part of the country we have not seen much, and had a good experience overall. We may return in 2018 as well.

Travel info - Lots of deer, turkeys, vultures, and other animals plus the possiblity of snow, ice, and strong winds off the lake, and winding small roads, means travel in this area should be undertaken carefully. We hit a vulture on the way home on a back road causing about $2400 in estimated damage to the upper front roof area above the Vanabode windshield.

Here is our complete AMAZON work camping road trip overview of 2018 which includes 8,384 miles up the East Coast to work in New York at Moose Hillock Resort around Lake George and 37 weeks overall work camping and road tripping.

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