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California coast

California coast RV vacation pictures and travel info on this most scenic of American coasts. California's coast up Highway 1 from Paso Robles is beautiful, cool steady breeze, mind blowing roadside views. Rv'ers the days of free parking overnight on the beach or roadside boondocking are over. The law will harass you to no end. I actually had one ranger follow me 20+ miles…chased me off the roadside beach front property I was on, followed me into a state park where I refused to pay $20 just to park, leave, do a U-turn go back through "his" small town, U-turn again and drive 15 miles up the coast - only when I left his jurisdiction did he turn back. This is one of many reasons we switched to the Vanabode as the ultimate travel vehicle.

Visited Ano Neuvo Park and after a 3 mile hike through the woods we got within 50 feet of a pack of 40 or more enormous 3,000-pound Elephant Seals, fighting, roaring, sunning, playing and wriggling up and down the beach to the sandy dunes.

picture of california elephant seals

picture of squirrels begging for food in california

Above: Picture of Josh and Ben feeding the squirrels at a coastal overview parking lot.

picture taken in woods on side of california highway

Above: Picture of Josh and Ben playing coup in the woods on the side of highway in California. Even Jason got antsy and needed to run around a bit so we pulled over and this beautiful place was on the other side of the Highway 1 as we were traveling from southern California to San Francisco.

picture of cove along california coast

Above: Picture of bird rock, one of many bird rocks in California.

picture of california coast

Above: This picture is just beautiful. California has beautiful days which make for even better traveling.

picture of hole in rock along california coast

Above: Picture of a hole in a rock along the California coast. California's coastal coves are full of sea birds, one of a kind rock formations, hidden jungles for playing coup, beautiful cliffs, and of course the Ano Neuvo State Park Elephant seals sunning themselves on the beach.

California offers such diverse flora and fauna that a vacation to the west coast is nothing but memorable. The pacific ocean is full of life and there is no better way to see its beauty from one end of California to the other than the Pacific Coast Highway (SR 1). San Francisco's China Town is definitely a must see with its grocery stores, shopping, and people from all walks of life. Hotels and restaurants in San Francisco are well priced and generally of high quality.

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