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Children in Las Vegas

Where can you take kids while on vacation in Vegas? A lot of people think Vegas is a city only for adults. But, believe it or not there are a lot of things for kids like me to do in Las Vegas. I am 14 years old and love this place. The Adventuredome is a large indoor theme park inside of the Circus Circus casino. For 24 dollars you can get a wristband for an all day pass; 11 A.M to midnight. If you get any of the tourist magazines they have a $4 off coupon in them. I highly recommend this cause you can ride a lot of rides in 12 hours. My favorite is the laser tag room. You can go over and over again all day if you like. There is a giant roller coaster ride for all of you dare devils. There is mini golf, clown shows, food stands, lots of rides to choose from, arcade, and much more. My sister took her first girls las vegas vacation to visit my Dad when she was 21.

picture of children in las vegas

Right outside the Green Valley Hotel there is a outside mall called The District. It has tons of kids hanging out, live bands, shops, and a game room across the street just inside the Green Valley Casino. There is a gigantic game room in the heart of Las Vegas called GameWorks. It has more than 300 games! Most of the games cost about one to two dollars but you can get an all day pass for 35 dollars. It is open from 10 A.M. to midnight. It also contains the world's largest freestanding rock climbing structure.

The New York New York roller coaster has a 144-foot dive. It climbs 200 feet above Las Vegas. The Stratosphere has 3 rides. All of the rides are very crazy but they are located on the 112th floor so you are already high. I don't suggest this if your afraid of heights. The Stratosphere also has a lot of shops, arcade, and decent food court on the way up.

The Luxor's pyramid is a gigantic pyramid with a hotel, arcade, IMAX theaters, food courts, and much more all inside. The pyramid also has the world's brightest man-made light ever created right on top. Inside, is the official Criss Angel store but there wasn't much in there but clothes for sale.

Inside the Sahara casino there is a NASCAR café and from inside there is a rollercoaster that loops and a virtual NASCAR ride game. The Mirage casino has a white tiger habitat with nice feel and water inside makes you feel like you are really in africa. Also there is a free Lion exhibit at MGM that you can check out lion cubs through a glass enclosure and tube running through their habitat. They can actually leap over you in the tube - kids and children can have fun in Las Vegas.

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