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Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Grand Canyon South Rim RV vacation - We visited the Grand Canyon's North Rim a few years ago but we found it a lot quieter and a little boring for what we were expecting. So for this trip with the boys we visited the South rim…wow, mind-boggling. You could see everything with 3 different free shuttle bus routes and multiple drop-off/pickup points. A very well organized, affordable, and easy to experience National Park, even for kids in 100-degree weather. Hike, camp, ride mules through the canyon, very nice. Go EARLY in the day for easy parking and shuttle bus seating not crowded till 2 pm.

picture of grand canyon south rim

Above: Picture of us standing at a Grand Canyon Overlook. You can see the teal waters of the Colorado River, just beautiful.

picture of mule trail in the grand canyon

Above: Picture of Mule Trail and Bright Angel Trail. It is considered the park’s premier hiking trail with shaded rest houses, ranger stations, drinking water, campsites, and access to other trails.

picture of the boys at the grand canyon rim

Above: Picture of boys on the Grand Canyon Rim. The Grand Canyon is really beyond grand. As far as you can see it is canyon land. The beautiful blue-green water of the Colorado River below just adds to this parks beauty. Don't miss the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

picture of the grand canyon

Above: Picture that shows the depth of the Grand Canyon as well as the Bright Angel Trail. Click for more pictures of the Grand Canyon and the extraordinary western states.

Travel info - There are parking lots for oversized vehicles near the visitor center. To get around the park a shuttle service is provided. Map location of Grand Canyon National Park.


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