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Las Vegas Bellagio Buffet

Las Vegas Bellagio buffet - awesome king crab legs, entrees, desserts. I just ate the most incredible meal I have ever had. We have eaten at the best restaurants we could find over the last 20 years of traveling all over the U.S. and the food I had at the Bellagio Buffet was an absolute diner's extravaganza. Seriously, it was outstanding, and keep in mind that I HATE nearly every other buffet I have ever eaten in. If you like King Crab or if you have never eaten it RUN to the Bellagio Buffet. The crab legs are as long as my arm from elbow to finger tip, sliced horizontally so that the pure chilled white meat just falls out of the shell and dips ever so sweetly in the warm drawn butter. I ate King Crab for 45 minutes and nothing else, an incredible bargain under $30.

picture of jason and king crab leg at bellagio buffet

After you enjoy this most precious and delicious of seafood, head back for roasted peppered buffalo, free range turkey, barbecued venison, Chilean sea bass, huge chunks of grilled and baked fish like mahi mahi, swordfish, red snapper, salmon, each with their own special marinades and toppings, five kinds of massive shrimp, salads, vegetables, breads, and 20+ desserts like mango coconut custard, crème brulee, bread pudding, pies, cakes, cobblers, banana's foster, and of course an ice cream bar with candy toppings all at the Las Vegas Bellagio Buffet.

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