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Malibu Beach California

Malibu Beach California - beach, surfing, movie star, conditions report. Malibu Beach is more than just a place where movie stars live. The Malibu Lagoon Creek is where Malibu Creek meets the ocean. This Southern California saltwater marsh is a great place for nature watching, hiking, and picnicking. Paths through lagoon are wheelchair accessible, too. Or, if you want to try to catch nature, fish off the Malibu Pier. Malibu Lagoon State Beach offers seasonally guided tours of the wetlands and other natural elements such as grunion, the monarch butterfly, tidepools, and the gray whale. And, let's not forget about the surfing. The Malibu Surfrider Beach is a premier surfing beach.

malibu beach picture

Kelly and I passed this guy on the crowded beach and she yelled at him as he passed "Hey, what's your name?" Good sighting Kelly! Startled, he turned on his heels and answered back, "Scott". Then she grilled him for info because she knew she recognized him but did not remember from where. "Did you surf in Florida?" No, he said squinting in the bright sun. "Did you surf in Melbourne?" No he said smiling a little and looking baffled. I said "Vegas" and he said "No". But I never forget a face, so when I said "hey Kelly he's that movie star". The famous actor, Scott Caan, looked at me, winked, and sped off with his board not to be questioned further. I went back to the car, got the camera, and snuck up to where he was surfing. I watched him come in on a wave an 1/8 mile down the beach and I ran down and caught him just as he finished showering off. He quickly looked down, obviously paparazzi shy, but I got him as he passed. He has been in so many big movies like Into The Blue, Friends With Money, Oceans Eleven and Oceans Twelve, Gone In 60 Seconds, Varsity Blues, and many more. Do you recognize him from the picture I took as he passed by? If not then see other press pictures.

 scott caan press picture

Left: Jason ran and took this picture of the movie star. He was hiding from us when he realized that Jason recognized him. Right: This is his press photo in case you don't recognize him from our photo.

malibu beach surfers picture

malibu beach house 50 feet from the ocean picture

Jason's thoughts - Supposedly where many movie stars are seen. All we saw were clusters of Mexicans picnicking, floating, and fishing from the less than 30 foot wide rock covered beach. You couldn't do much here but pull over, stumble down the rocks, stare at the water and get back in your car.

Kelly's thoughts - If you think you are going to see something special while driving the PCH through Malibu, you are wrong. Nothing but beach houses to the south (they are only like one foot apart, therefore, you see no ocean) and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north. Driving through Malibu is like driving through Glacier National Park. Tons and tons of people drive the one main road and think that is all there is to see. To see something worth writing about you have to get out of the car and explore. You have to get out of the box and go places that warn "Do not enter, private beach property to mean high tide line". And let me tell you, they are serious about the mean high tide. The waves at high tide are practically knocking at their back door. You wouldn't see me buying a house on that strip of Malibu. I want my beach house to last through the next El Nino. The mean high tide pelted me with the force of a rogue wave embedding sand in every orifice. I'm just glad the camera wasn't ruined so we could get a picture of a movie star later in the day (Jason the stalker). My overall rating on this beach is a 5 out of 10, you're not missing anything.

malibu beach houses at high tide picture

Travel Info - Free roadside parking for all size rv's with some partial restrictions on certain times of certain days, otherwise no parking after midnight. Do NOT take an rv or trailer on any of the roads that look like fun that lead up and over the mountains back inland. You will be very sorry if you do.

Malibu is on the Pacific Coast Highway, west of Los Angeles. The Malibu Surfrider Beach is west of the Malibu Pier at the county parking lot in front of the Adamson House. State Beach parking lot is on the west side of the Malibu Creek Bridge. Map location of Malibu Beach. Click for California beaches or full-time rv diary.

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