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Mission Beach

Mission Beach - camping and city information. Mission Beach is the most popular beach in the City of San Diego. It is in the middle of a continuous stretch of beach known as The Strand extending over two miles. A narrow cement boardwalk parallels the entire beach beginning at Mission Bay channel entrance and ending at the north end of Pacific Beach. Walking, bicycling, running, skateboarding, and rollerblading are permitted on the boardwalk with a speed limit of 8 mph. Because of the abundance of people caution and courtesy should be used at all times while on the boardwalk. Various shops, restaurants, and beach rental stores surround the Mission Beach lifeguard station, at the foot of Ventura Street. Attractions near Mission Beach include SeaWorld and Belmont Park, which features the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster.

mission beach picture

mission beach boardwalk picture

mission beach boardwalk picture

Jason's thoughts - Kelly and I have been rollerblading for 10 years now and it continues to be an exciting way of seeing many areas like Mission Beach. Wide fairly smooth sidewalk runs for miles with direct beach sand on one side and houses and rental condos on the other side. Thousands of colorful characters skate, bike, skateboard and job along with you both directions the entire length of the course. One skating creature dressed up as a cat with whiskers and all actually lifted both "paws" and growled at us as we skated by. Food was quite good and well priced at the area restaurants with ocean views. You could also watch people wipe out all day long on the artificial wave pools at the back of some of the sidewalk front mission beach hotels.

Kelly's thoughts - I don't prefer crowds but roller blading along Mission Beach was fun. I wish all beach towns had a paved sidewalk alongside the beach. For the most part, we have noticed that private residences don't hog up beach front property like they do in Florida. The beach is for everyone with pedestrian walkways between private property and the beach. Grrrr said the tall, tan, guy in his cat get-up of leopard print nut huggers held on by a string, cat nose, whiskers and ears. Was that Grrrr at me or Jason?

Travel Info - Mission Beach is definitely not RV friendly. It is very congested and the parking is very, very tight. Map location of Mission Beach. Click for California beaches or full-time camping

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